Georgia Institute of Technology College of Engineering

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College of Engineering
Type Public
Established 1885[1]
Dean Gary S. May[2]
Academic staff
Undergraduates 8,076[4]
Postgraduates 3,835[4]
Location Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The College of Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology provides formal education and research in more than 10 fields of engineering, including: aerospace, chemical, civil engineering, electrical engineering, industrial, mechanical, materials engineering, biomedical, and biomolecular engineering, plus polymer, textile, and fiber engineering. The College of Engineering is the oldest college of the Institute, existing from the inception of Georgia Tech.[1]


The history of the College of Engineering spans more than 125 years, since the founding of Georgia Tech.[1] Beginning with classes for mechanical engineering in 1888, the College of Engineering has evolved into separate Schools for more than 10 fields of engineering.[1]


The College of Engineering is ranked by U.S. News & World Report as fourth within the United States. The current 2008 rankings put the industrial engineering program as the best in the nation and the school of aerospace engineering as second.[5] The current 2011 rankings put the biomedical engineering graduate program as second in the nation.[6]

Programs, departments and schools[edit]

Georgia Tech's School of Mechanical Engineering


The offices of the College of Engineering are located on the third floor of Tech Tower.




  • M.S. in Aerospace Engineering
  • M.S. in Bioengineering
  • M.S. in Biomedical Engineering
  • M.S. in Chemical Engineering
  • M.S. in Civil Engineering
  • M.S. in Computer Engineering
  • M.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • M.S. in Engineering Science and Mechanics
  • M.S. in Environmental Engineering
  • M.S. in Health Systems
  • M.S. in Industrial Engineering
  • M.S. in International Logistics
  • M.S. in Materials Science & Engineering
  • M.S. in Mechanical Engineering
  • M.S. in Medical Physics
  • M.S. in Nuclear Engineering
  • M.S. in Operations Research
  • M.S. in Paper Science & Engineering
  • M.S. in Polymers
  • M.S. in Quantitative & Computational Finance
  • M.S. in Statistics
  • M.S. in Supply Chain Engineering
  • M.S. in Polymer, Textile & Fiber Engineering


  • Ph.D in Aerospace Engineering
  • Ph.D in Algorithms, Combinatorics & Optimization
  • Ph.D in Bioengineering
  • Ph.D in Bioinformatics
  • Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering
  • Ph.D in Chemical Engineering
  • Ph.D in Civil Engineering
  • Ph.D in Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Ph.D in Engineering Science & Mechanics
  • Ph.D in Environmental Engineering
  • Ph.D in Industrial Engineering
  • Ph.D in Materials Science & Engineering
  • Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering
  • Ph.D in Nuclear & Radiological Engineering
  • Ph.D in Operations Research
  • Ph.D in Paper Science & Engineering
  • Ph.D in Polymer, Textile & Fiber Engineering


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