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Georgia News Network
Department of the Georgia News Network
Atlanta, Georgia
United States
Area served
Specific services for Georgia and rest of the US
ServicesRadio and television broadcasts

The Georgia News Network or GNN is a news agency that provides newscasts, sportscasts, and talk programming for approximately 150 radio stations across the state of Georgia, owned by iHeartMedia.[1]

News output[edit]

The Georgia News Network, broadcasts major occurring event across the world and the states on their website, which provides information to the viewer with headlines related to sports, politics, weather, and other global issues. Their site provides links to audio downloads, such as PSA announcements[2] and historic radio broadcasts.[3]

Georgia Focus is a 28-minute, self-contained public affairs broadcast. John Clark hosts the show, which features a new topic every week. Issues covered range from health care to public safety, from non-profits to authors and state government.[4] GNN also broadcasts high school football on the same channel.


GNN measures weather conditions in all of Georgia state every half-hour over a period of 24 hours. Warnings are provided to the public in the event that there is severe weather in the region, such as a tornado[5]

Former channels[edit]

  • News Room-Flagship WGST[6]
  • Georgia Focus
  • Dave Merlino Show[7]
  • Southern Race Week[8]
  • Sports Conversations with Loran Smith[9]
  • High School Football[10]


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