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Georgia SoftWorks
private company
Industry Software Development, Telnet, SSH
Founded 1991
Headquarters Dawsonville, Georgia, United States of America
 Georgia SoftWorks is a software development firm in Dawsonville, Ga founded in 1991.
Georgia SoftWorks is a software development firm in Dawsonville, Ga founded in 1991.

Georgia SoftWorks (GSW) is a privately held software development company headquartered in Dawsonville, Georgia, United States. The company creates data communications systems and telecommunications applications with a commercial emphasis on its SSH/Telnet Server for Microsoft Windows.[1] Georgia SoftWorks markets the reliability of its product and a suite of features that are designed for industrial applications.[1][2] The company claims to have supplied the first SSH Server using Digital Certificate Authentication with an Internet Information Server-like certificate to user account mapping.[3]

Company History[edit]

Established in 1991, Georgia SoftWorks [4] started as a custom software development company specializing in data communications and telecommunications applications. The company needed reliable Telnet connectivity on Windows NT with features such as: correctly displayed characters, proper function key operation and alt-key operation. At the time, Telnet was widely available on Unix but not frequently utilized on Windows in commercial environments. Georgia SoftWorks developed the GSW Telnet Server for Windows, and it named its foundation product the "Universal Terminal Server". It was designed so that different protocols could be installed as requirements determined.[5] GSW added features to its telnet server such as mouse operation and file transfer over a telnet connection.[6] After successful in-house use, the UTS was commercialized. Georgia SoftWorks developed major features for its UTS such as Logon Scripts; this feature eventually evolved into global, per user, per IP Address and Certificate Based Logon Scripts.[7] Other features included client device failure detection, Graceful Termination, Session Saver, Automatic Logon, Session Monitoring, Shadowing and Team Services technology.

Georgia SoftWorks developed and commercialized a FIPS 140-2 compliant SSH2 Server and Client software, which is designed to run on top of the UTS product platform.[8]

Worldwide Response[edit]

Georgia SoftWorks has resellers and end users on every continent (except Antarctica), across a variety of industries, including government, automobile manufactures, schools, oil companies, airlines, pharmaceutical, medical, food and beverage, NASA, and many more.[9]


  • Telnet Server, SSH Server for Windows
  • FIPS 140-2 Compliant SSH Server
  • Rocket Terminal Engine for SAPConsole
  • Directed Terminal I/O Engine
  • RC Mobile Device Monitoring Suite
  • GSWBrowse
  • SuperSSL
  • RF FormMaker
  • WWWFiles
  • IOBlaster
  • Password Guard
  • Business Tunnel


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