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State Route 23 marker

State Route 23
Route information
Maintained by GDOT
Length: 240.0 mi[1] (386.2 km)
Major junctions
South end: SR 121/ SR 121 at the Florida state line southwest of Saint George
North end: SR 56 south of Augusta
Counties: Charlton, Brantley, Wayne, Long, Tattnall, Candler, Emanuel, Jenkins, Burke
Highway system
  • Georgia State Routes
US 23 I‑24

State Route 23 (SR 23) is a 240.0-mile-long (386.2 km) state highway that travels south-to-north through portions of Charlton, Brantley, Wayne, Long, Tattnall, Candler, Emanuel, Jenkins, and Burke counties in the southeastern and east-central parts of the U.S. state of Georgia. The highway connects the Florida state line, south-southwest of Saint George with the southern part of the Augusta metropolitan area, via Folkston, Nahunta, Jesup, Ludowici, Glennville, Reidsville, Metter, Twin City, and Millen.

Route description[edit]

Florida to Reidsville[edit]

SR 23 begins at the Florida state line west-northwest of the southernmost point in the state, in Charlton County. South-southeast of here, the roadway continues as State Road 121, which travels to Macclenny, Florida. North-northwest of here, SR 23 travels concurrent with SR 121 on Okefenokee Parkway. Almost immediately, they meet the southern terminus of SR 185. A short distance later, the two highways curve to the northeast. Then, they curve to the north-northwest and enter Saint George. In town, they have an intersection with SR 94 (Moniac Road). The concurrent highways continue to the north-northwest, through rural areas of the county and then curve to the northeast. After that, they enter Folkston, to an intersection with US 1/US 23/US 301/SR 4/SR 15 (2nd Street North). The six highways travel to the north-northwest concurrently. Along the Folkston–Homeland city line, which travels through the large intersection, US 301/SR 23 continue straight ahead, while US 1/US 23/SR 4/SR 15 travel to the northwest. Then, US 301/SR 23 gradually curve to the north-northeast and enter Brantley County. The concurrency enters Nahunta, where it intersects US 82/SR 520 (Cleveland Street). Then, they intersect SR 32 in Hortense, just before entering Wayne County. Just before entering Jesup, they pass by Jesup–Wayne County Airport and Pine Forest Country Club. In town, they intersect US 25/US 341/SR 27 (East Cherry Street). At this intersection, US 25 joins the concurrency. The three highways curve to the north-northwest and intersect US 84/SR 38 (North 1st Street), which join the concurrency. Immediately, the five highways travel north-northeast and then leave town. Just under 3 miles (4.8 km) later, they curve to the northeast. Then, they pass by an industrial waste pond of Rayonier just before crossing over the Altamaha River into Long County. In Ludowici, they intersect SR 57 (Mc Donald Street). At this intersection, US 84/SR 38 split off to the northeast on Cypress Street, while US 25/US 301/SR 23/SR 57 travel to the northwest. The concurrent highways begin a curve to the north-northwest and cross over Beards Creek into Tattnall County. After they meet the western terminus of SR 196, they curve to the north-northeast and enter Glennville. At Barnard Street, they intersect SR 144, and SR 23/SR 57 split off to the northwest. A little over 2,000 feet (610 m) later, SR 144 splits off to the west-southwest on Hencart Road, while SR 23/SR 57 pass by Kicks Playland and leave town. To the northwest, they intersect SR 169. A little farther along, SR 121 rejoins the concurrency. The three highways enter Reidsville.

Reidsville to northern terminus[edit]

In Reidsville, SR 23/SR 57/SR 121 intersect US 280/SR 30 (Brazell Street). Before leaving town, they curve to a nearly due-north routing. After that, they curve to the north-northeast and enter Collins, where they intersect SR 292 (Manassas Street). SR 23/SR 57/SR 121 curve to the north-northwest and enter Cobbtown. In town, they meet the eastern terminus of SR 152 (New Cobbtown Road). Approximately 400 feet (120 m) later, SR 57 continues straight ahead, while SR 23/SR 121 curve to the northeast and leave town just before entering Candler County. In Metter, they have an interchange with Interstate 16 (I-16; Jim Gillis Historic Savannah Parkway). In the main part of town, they intersect SR 46 (Broad Street). At this intersection, SR 23 splits off to the west, concurrent with SR 46 for a few blocks, while SR 121 continues straight ahead. At College Street, SR 23 splits off to the north-northeast and gradually curves to the northwest. It passes Candler County Hospital. Just after leaving town, it passes Willow Lake Golf Club and Byrd Cemetery. Farther to the northwest, the highway enters Emanuel County and crosses into the city limits of Twin City. In town, is an intersection with SR 192. At this intersection, SR 23 turns to the right and travels to the northeast. Then, it intersects US 80/SR 26. Just before leaving town, the route passes by Twin City Cemetery. After traveling through Garfield, it enters Jenkins County. The highway passes through rural areas of the county, curves to the east-southeast, and intersects US 25/SR 67/SR 121. The four highways head concurrently to the north-northeast. Then, they curve to the northeast and cross over the Ogeechee River just before entering Millen. In town, they intersect SR 17 Byp. (South Gray Street), which joins the concurrency. The five highways curve to a nearly due-north routing and intersect SR 17 (West Winthrope Avenue). At this intersection, SR 17 Byp. meets its northern terminus and US 25/SR 121 continue straight ahead, while SR 23/SR 67 turn right and follow SR 17 south. At Masonic Street, SR 17 and SR 23 split off to different directions, while SR 67 continues to the east. At Jordan Avenue, SR 23 curves to the northeast. Just after leaving town, it intersects SR 21 (Millen Bypass). Farther to the northeast, it crosses over Beaverdam Creek into Burke County. In Sardis, it intersects SR 24 (Charles Perry Avenue). In Girard, the highway begins a northwesterly routing. The highway enters Shell Bluff, where it intersects SR 80. Then, it passes Hagler Lake before meeting its northern terminus, an intersection with SR 56, just south of Augusta.[1]

National Highway System[edit]

There are three segments of SR 23 that are included as part of the National Highway System, a system of roadways important to the nation's economy, defense, and mobility:

  • The Folkston–Homeland segment (concurrent with US 1/US 23/US 301/SR 4/SR 15)
  • The Jesup–Ludowici segment (mostly concurrent with US 84/US 301/SR 38)
  • The section concurrent with US 25 southwest of Millen and into the city[2]


Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
Charlton 0.0 0.0 SR 121 south – Macclenny Florida state line (St. Marys River bridge); southern terminus of SR 23 and Georgia SR 121; south end of Georgia SR 121 concurrency
0.4 0.64 SR 185 north – Moniac Southern terminus of SR 185
Saint George 13.2 21.2 SR 94 (Moniac Road) – Moniac, Fargo, Crawford
Folkston 36.6 58.9 US 1 south / US 23 south / US 301 south / SR 4 south / SR 15 south – Hilliard, Jacksonville South end of US 1/US 23/SR 4/SR 15 and US 301 concurrencies
SR 40 Conn. east (Cross Street) – Kingsland, White Oak, D. Ray James Prison Western terminus of SR 40 Conn.
Homeland 38.7 62.3 US 1 north / US 23 north / SR 4 north / SR 15 north / SR 121 north – Waycross Interchange; north end of US 1/US 23/SR 4/SR 15 and SR 121 concurrencies
Brantley Nahunta 62.1 99.9 US 82 / SR 520 (South Georgia Parkway) to I‑95 – Waycross, Brunswick, Laura S. Walker State Park
Hortense 71.5 115.1 SR 32 – Patterson, Brunswick
Wayne Jesup 90.2 145.2 US 25 south / US 341 / SR 27 (Cherry Street) to I‑95 – Downtown Jesup, Brunswick, Altamaha Tech South end of US 25 concurrency
92.6 149.0 US 84 west / SR 38 west – Business District Interchange; no northbound exit; south end of US 84/SR 38 concurrency
Altamaha River 95.8 154.2 Dr. J. Alvin Leaphart Sr. Memorial Bridge
Long Ludowici 102 164 US 84 east / SR 38 east / SR 57 south (McDonald Street) to I‑95 – Hinesville, Darien, Ludowici Well Pavilion Historic Site North end of US 84/SR 38 concurrency; south end of SR 57 concurrency
Tattnall 122 196 SR 196 east – Hinesville Western terminus of SR 196
Glennville 123 198 US 25 north / US 301 north / SR 73 north (Veterans Boulevard) / SR 144 east (Barnard Street) – Claxton, Fort Stewart North end of US 25 and US 301 concurrencies; south end of SR 144 concurrency; southern terminus of SR 73
124 200 SR 144 west (Hencart Road) – Baxley North end of SR 144 concurrency
127 204 SR 169 (Mendes Highway) – Jesup, Bellville
135 217 SR 121 south – Jesup, Blackshear South end of SR 121 concurrency
Reidsville 139 224 US 280 / SR 30 (Brazell Street) – Lyons, Claxton
Collins 145 233 SR 292 (Manassas Street) – Lyons, Claxton
Cobbtown 152 245 SR 152 west (New Cobbtown Road) – Lyons Eastern terminus of SR 152
153 246 SR 57 north – Stillmore, Swainsboro North end of SR 57 concurrency
Candler Metter 160 260 I‑16 (SR 404) – Macon, Savannah I-16 exit 104
162 261 SR 46 east (Broad Street) / SR 121 north (Lewis Street) – Statesboro, Millen North end of SR 121 concurrency; south end of SR 46 concurrency
162 261 SR 46 west (Broad Street) – Soperton North end of SR 46 concurrency
Emanuel Twin City 177 285 SR 23 Spur north (Fifth Avenue) – Summertown, Swainsboro Southern terminus of SR 23 Spur
177.5 285.7 US 80 / SR 26 – Swainsboro, Statesboro
Jenkins 194.3 312.7 US 25 south / SR 67 south / SR 121 south – Metter, Statesboro South end of US 25/SR 121 and SR 67 concurrencies
Millen 197.1 317.2 SR 17 Byp. east (South Gray Street) – Scarboro South end of SR 17 Byp. concurrency
197.8 318.3 US 25 north / SR 121 north (Statesboro Road) / SR 17 west (West Winthrope Avenue) – Waynesboro, Midville, Magnolia Springs State Park North end of US 25/SR 121 and SR 17 Byp. concurrencies; south end of SR 17 concurrency
198.5 319.5 SR 17 east (Masonic Street) – Rocky Ford, Savannah North end of SR 17 concurrency
198.5 319.5 SR 67 north (East Winthrope Avenue) – Sylvania North end of SR 67 concurrency
200.0 321.9 SR 21 – Waynesboro, Sylvania
Burke Sardis 214.9 345.8 SR 24 (Charles Perry Avenue) – Waynesboro, Sylvania
Shell Bluff 234.3 377.1 SR 80 – Waynesboro
240.0 386.2 SR 56 – Waynesboro, Augusta Northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Twin City spur route[edit]

State Route 23 Spur
Location: Twin City
Length: 0.0894 mi[3] (0.1439 km)

State Route 23 Spur (SR 23 Spur) is a 472-foot-long (144 m) spur route that exists entirely within the southeastern part of Emanuel County and travels completely within the city limits of Twin City. The highway is known as 5th Avenue for its entire length.

It begins at an intersection with the SR 23 mainline in the southwestern part of town. It travels one block to meet its northern terminus, an intersection with SR 192.[3]

SR 23 Spur is not part of the National Highway System, a system of roadways important to the nation's economy, defense, and mobility.[2]

The entire route is in Twin City, Emanuel County.

mi[1] km Destinations Notes
0.0000 0.0000 SR 23 (5th Avenue/Elm Street) – Metter, Millen Southern terminus
0.0894 0.1439 SR 192 (South Railroad Avenue/5th Avenue) – Stillmore, Summertown, Swainsboro Northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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