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State Route 31 marker

State Route 31
Route information
Maintained by GDOT
Length: 166.9 mi[1] (268.6 km)
Major junctions
South end: SR 145 at Florida state line south of Clyattville
  I‑75 south of Valdosta
US 84 / US 221 / SR 38 in Valdosta
US 129 / SR 11 / SR 37 / SR 122 in Lakeland
US 441 / SR 89 south-southwest of Pearson
US 221 / SR 32 / SR 135 / SR 158 in Douglas
US 319 / SR 107 south of Jacksonville

I‑16 / US 441 Byp. / SR 117 in Dublin
US 80 / US 441 / SR 19 / SR 26 in Dublin
North end: US 319 / SR 15 / SR 57 / SR 78 in Wrightsville
Counties: Lowndes, Lanier, Clinch, Atkinson, Coffee, Telfair, Wheeler, Dodge, Laurens, Johnson
Highway system
  • Georgia State Routes
SR 30 SR 32

State Route 31 (SR 31) is a 166.9-mile-long (268.6 km) state highway that runs south-to-north through portions of Lowndes, Lanier, Clinch, Atkinson, Coffee, Telfair, Wheeler, Dodge, Laurens, and Johnson counties in the south-central part of the U.S. state of Georgia. The route connects the Florida state line, south of Clyattville with Wrightsville, via Valdosta, Douglas, and Dublin.

Route description[edit]

Florida to Douglas[edit]

SR 31 begins at the Florida state line south-southeast of Clyattville, in Lowndes County, where the roadway continues as State Road 145. Almost immediately, it crosses over the Withlacoochee River. The highway curves to the northwest and back to the north and passes Oris Blackburn Memorial Park. It begins to curve to the northeast and enters Clyattville, where it meets the western terminus of SR 376 (Clyattville–Lake Park Road). The route continues to the northeast and has an interchange with Interstate 75 (I-75). Approximately 1 mile (1.6 km) later, it skirts along the southeastern edge of Valdosta Regional Airport. At the intersection with Madison Highway, it turns to the right and becomes known as Inner Perimeter Road, part of an eastern bypass of most of the city. At South Patterson Street, US 41/SR 7 begin a concurrency to the northeast. This intersection also marks the southern terminus of US 41 Business/SR 7 Business. The next main intersection is SR 94 (New Statenville Highway). Then, it begins to curve to the north and enters the eastern city limits of Valdosta. Right after a slight bend to the north-northwest is an intersection with US 84/US 221/SR 38 (East Hill Avenue). At this intersection, US 221 joins the concurrency. After a curve to the northwest, the four routes intersect East Park Avenue. Here, US 221/SR 31 split off to the northeast and then leaves the city. The two highways travel through rural areas of the county, passing southeast of Moody Air Force Base, and enter Lanier County. They continue to the northeast and gradually curve to the north-northeast. Along the eastern shore of Milltown Bay, they begin a northward routing and meet the western terminus of SR 31 Connector (Murray Boulevard). Approximately 1,500 feet (460 m) later, they enter Lakeland. After a curve to the north-northwest, where SR 135 (South Mill Street) joins the concurrency, they enter the main part of town, where they intersect US 129/SR 11/SR 37/SR 122 (West Main Street). Here, both concurrencies merge and head to the east-northeast. Immediately, SR 135 departs to the north-northwest on North Carter Street. At Oak Street, SR 135 Bypass joins the concurrency. At North College Street, SR 135 Bypass leaves the concurrency to the north-northwest. This intersection also marks the eastern terminus of SR 11 Bypass. The other six routes continue to the east-northeast, crossing over Big Creek before leaving town. Then, they cross over the Alapaha River. After that, US 221/SR 31/SR 122 depart the concurrency to the north-northeast. Just under 1 mile (1.6 km) later, SR 122 splits off, and US 221/SR 31 continue to the north-northeast, intersect SR 168, cut across the northwestern corner of Clinch County, and enter Atkinson County. A little over 1 mile (1.6 km) later, SR 64 joins the concurrency. The three highways continue to the north-northeast and intersect US 441/SR 89. At this intersection, SR 89 reaches its northern terminus, and US 441 joins the concurrency. In fact, US 441 is concurrent for over half of SR 31's total length. The concurrency continues into Pearson. There, they intersect US 82/SR 520 (Albany Avenue). At this intersection, SR 64 turns right onto US 82/SR 520. The other three routes continue to the north-northeast through rural areas of the county. Then, they curve to the north-northwest and enter Coffee County. Immediately, they curve to the north and cross the Satilla River. Then, they pass Pine Forests Memorial Gardens and enter Douglas.

Douglas to Wrightsville[edit]

They pass along the eastern edge of Douglas Municipal Airport. Farther to the north is an intersection with SR 135/SR 206 (Bowens Mill Road). At this intersection, SR 206 reaches its eastern terminus, and US 221 departs the concurrency. Farther to the north, they intersect SR 158 (Baker Highway). In the main part of town is an intersection with SR 32. On the northern edge of town is an intersection with SR 206 Connector (North Connector Road). US 441/SR 31 curve to the northwest and enter Broxton, where SR 268 briefly joins the concurrency. After they leave town, they continue to the northwest and have a short concurrency with SR 107, a few miles south of Jacksonville. At the end of the concurrency, US 319 joins the concurrency. The three highways cross over the Ocmulgee River, into Telfair County, on the Jacksonville Ferry Bridge. Then, they curve to the north-northeast. When the concurrency enters Jacksonville, they intersect SR 117. Just before entering McRae, they meet the northern terminus of SR 149 Connector. Then, they enter town and intersect SR 132 on the southern edge of the city limits. Approximately 2,000 feet (610 m) later, US 280/SR 30 join the concurrency. In the central part of town is an intersection with US 23/US 341/SR 27. The five highways curve to the northeast and cross over the Little Ocmulgee River into Wheeler County. On the southeastern edge of Little Ocmulgee State Park, US 319/US 441/SR 31 depart to the north-northwest and skirt along the eastern edge of the park. They cut across a tiny part of Dodge County before entering Laurens County. The concurrent routes have an intersection with SR 46/SR 126. Northeast of Rentz, they have a second intersection with SR 117, which joins the concurrency. They curve to the north-northeast, pass Oconee Fall Line Technical College, and enter Dublin. Immediately is an interchange with I-16 (Jim Gillis Historic Savannah Parkway) and pass the Dublin–Laurens County Recreation Center. At the southern terminus of US 441 Bypass, SR 117 departs the concurrency. At Joiner Street is the northern terminus of SR 257. In the central part of town, at an intersection with Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, the three routes turn to the left onto South Monroe Street. Then, they intersect US 80/SR 19/SR 26 (Bellevue Avenue). At this intersection, the two concurrencies merge to the northeast. At Jefferson Street, US 441 departs to the north-northwest, concurrent with SR 29, which joins the concurrency. Also, SR 19 leaves the concurrency The five routes cross over the Oconee River, into East Dublin, on the Lovett Bridge. In town, US 319/SR 31 depart to the northeast. They travel through rural areas of the county, have a short section along the Laurens–Johnson county line, and enter Johnson County proper. The concurrency enters Wrightsville and curve to the east to an intersection with SR 15/SR 57/SR 78 (Marcus Street). At this intersection, SR 31 reaches its northern terminus, while US 319 continues to the east, concurrent with SR 78.[1]

All of SR 31 that is concurrent with US 441, from just south-southwest of Pearson to Dublin, is included as part of the National Highway System, a system of roadways important to the nation's economy, defense, and mobility.[2]


Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
Lowndes 0.0 0.0 SR 145 south (Northeast Colin Kelly Highway) – Madison
0.0 0.0 Bridge over the Withlacoochee River
Clyattville 4.5 7.2 SR 376 east (Clyattville–Lake Park Road) to I‑75 south – Lake Park Western terminus of SR 376
8.8 14.2 I‑75 (SR 401) – Valdosta, Macon, Lake City I-75 exit 11
12.6 20.3
US 41 south / SR 7 south / US 41 Bus. north / SR 7 Bus. north – Valdosta, Lake Park
Southern end of US 41 / SR 7 concurrency; southern terminus of US 41 Business / SR 7 Business
13.9 22.4 SR 94 east (New Statenville Highway) – Valdosta, Statenville
Valdosta 16.6 26.7 US 84 / SR 38 / US 221 south (East Hill Avenue) – Quitman Southern end of US 221 concurrency
18.5 29.8 US 41 north / SR 7 north (Perimeter Road) to I‑75 north / Lakeland Highway – Valdosta Northern end of US 41 / SR 7 concurrency
Lanier 32.9 52.9 SR 31 Conn. east (Murray Boulevard) Western terminus of SR 31 Connector
Lakeland 33.5 53.9 SR 135 south (South Mills Street) – Naylor Southern end of SR 135 concurrency
34.1 54.9 US 129 north / SR 11 north / SR 37 west / SR 122 west (West Main Street) – Ray City, Nashville, Adel, Moultrie, Banks Lake National Wildlife Refuge Southern end of US 129 / SR 11 / SR 37 / SR 122 concurrencies
34.1 54.9 SR 135 north (North Carter Street) – Willacoochee Northern end of SR 135 concurrency
34.3 55.2 SR 135 Byp. south (South Oak Street) Southern end of SR 135 Bypass concurrency
34.4 55.4 SR 11 Byp. north / SR 135 Byp. north (North College Street) Northern end of SR 135 Bypass concurrency; southern terminus of SR 11 Bypass
36.7 59.1 US 129 south / SR 11 south / SR 37 east – Homerville, Stockton, Statenville Northern end of US 129 / SR 11 / SR 37 concurrency
37.7 60.7 SR 122 east – Cogdell, Waycross Northern end of SR 122 concurrency
44.1 71.0 SR 168 – Nashville, Homerville
No major junctions
Atkinson 49.6 79.8 SR 64 west – Ray City Southern end of SR 64 concurrency
55.4 89.2 US 441 south / SR 89 south – Homerville Northern terminus of SR 89; southern end of US 441 concurrency
Pearson 57.3 92.2 US 82 / SR 64 east / SR 520 (Albany Avenue) – Tifton, Waycross Northern end of SR 64 concurrency
Coffee Douglas 70.7 113.8
US 221 north / SR 135 / SR 206 west / SR 32 Truck / SR 158 Truck (Bowen Mill Road) – Willacoochee, Fitzgerald, Hazlehurst, General Coffee State Park
Northern end of US 221 concurrency; eastern terminus of SR 206
71.6 115.2 SR 158 (Baker Highway) – Lax, Waycross, Wiregrass Georgia Tech
72.1 116.0 SR 32 east (Ashley Street) – Nicholls, Alma, General Coffee State Park Eastbound lanes of SR 32 on one-way pairs
72.15 116.11 SR 32 west (Ward Street) – Ocilla Westbound lanes of SR 32 on one-way pairs
74.2 119.4
SR 206 Conn. / SR 32 Truck (North Connector Road) to SR 206 / US 221 – truck route to US 221 north / SR 135 / SR 158
Broxton 80.9 130.2 SR 268 east (Ocmulgee Street East) – Hazlehurst Southern end of SR 268 concurrency
81.3 130.8 SR 268 west – Ambrose Northern end of SR 268 concurrency
91.5 147.3 SR 107 east Southern end of SR 107 concurrency
92.8 149.3 US 319 south / SR 107 west Northern end of SR 107 concurrency; southern end of US 319 concurrency
Ocmulgee River 93.9 151.1 Jacksonville Ferry Bridge
Telfair Jacksonville 95.4 153.5 SR 117 – Rhine, Lumber City
111.8 179.9 SR 149 Conn. south Northern terminus of SR 149 Connector
McRae 112.4 180.9 SR 132 south Northern terminus of SR 132
112.7 181.4 US 280 west / SR 30 west Southern end of US 280/SR 30 concurrency
114.1 183.6 US 23 south / US 341 south / SR 27 south (Oak Street) Southbound lanes of US 23/US 341/SR 27 on one-way pairs
114.2 183.8 US 23 north / US 341 north / SR 27 north (Railroad Street) Northbound lanes of US 23/US 341/SR 27 on one-way pairs
Little Ocmulgee River 115.4 185.7 Unnamed bridge over the Little Ocmulgee River, marking the Telfair–Wheeler county line
Wheeler 115.7 186.2 US 280 east / SR 30 east Northern end of US 280/SR 30 concurrency
No major junctions
Laurens 127.7 205.5 SR 46 / SR 126 – Eastman, Cadwell, Soperton, Alamo
140.1 225.5 SR 117 south – Rentz Southern end of SR 117 concurrency
Dublin 144.3 232.2 I‑16 (Jim Gillis Historic Savannah Parkway) – Macon, Savannah I-16, exit 51
145.3 233.8
US 441 Byp. north / SR 117 north
Northern end of SR 117 concurrency; southern terminus of US 441 Bypass
147.6 237.5 SR 257 south (Joiner Street) – Dexter Northern terminus of SR 257
148.4 238.8 US 80 west / SR 19 west / SR 26 west (Bellevue Avenue) Southern end of US 80/SR 19/SR 26 concurrency
148.6 239.1 US 441 north / SR 29 north / SR 19 south (Jefferson Street) Northern end of US 441 & SR 19 concurrencies; southern end of SR 29 concurrency
DublinEast Dublin
city line
149.3 240.3 Herschel Lovett Bridge over the Oconee River
East Dublin 150.7 242.5 US 80 east / SR 26 east / SR 29 south Northern end of US 80/SR 26 & SR 29 concurrencies
No major junctions
Johnson Wrightsville 166.9 268.6 US 319 north / SR 15 / SR 57 / SR 78 (Marcus Street) – Wadley, Sandersville, Swainsboro, Adrian Northern terminus; northern end of US 319 concurrency
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Bannered route[edit]

State Route 31 Connector
Location: South of Lakeland
Length: 0.4 mi[3] (0.6 km)

State Route 31 Connector (SR 31 Connector) is a 0.4-mile-long (0.64 km) connector route that exists entirely within the southeastern part of Lanier County. It is located just south of Lakeland and is known as Murray Boulevard for its entire length.

It begins at an intersection with US 221/SR 31 (Lakeland Highway). The highway travels due east to meet its eastern terminus, an intersection with SR 135 (College Street).[3]

SR 31 Connector is not part of the National Highway System, a system of roadways important to the nation's economy, defense, and mobility.[2]

The entire route is in Lanier County.

Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
0.0 0.0 US 221 / SR 31 (Lakeland Highway) Western terminus
0.4 0.64 SR 135 (College Street) – Naylor, Lakeland Eastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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