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Georgia Wing Civil Air Patrol
Georgia Wing Emblem large alpha.png
The Georgia Wing of the Civil Air Patrol, the United States Air Force Auxiliary
Associated branches
United States Air Force
Command staff
CommanderUS-O6 insignia.svg Col Andrea Van Buren
Vice CommanderUS-O5 insignia.svg Lt Col Jeff O'Hara
Current statistics
Total Membership1877
AwardsUnit Citation Award (2016)
Statistics as of 14 April 2015[1]

The Georgia Wing of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is the highest echelon of CAP in the State of Georgia. Georgia Wing headquarters are located at Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta, Georgia.[2]

Georgia Wing is abbreviated as "GAWG", and is often referred to by its members as "GA Wing".



Georgia Wing is the highest echelon of Civil Air Patrol in Georgia. GA Wing reports to Southeast Region CAP, who reports to CAP National Headquarters.

Below the Wing level, Georgia is divided into Groups. Each Group conducts its own training and programs, as well as participating in larger scale training and events with the rest of Georgia Wing, Southeast Region, and National CAP organizations (e.g. professional development classes, emergency services training classes and exercises, cadet flight orientation events, and cadet and senior aerospace and leadership training events).

Underneath each Group are numerous squadrons. Squadrons are the local level of organization, and squadrons typically meet weekly to conduct training. There are three types of Civil Air Patrol squadrons. A cadet squadron focus primarily on providing training and education (leadership, character development, aerospace education, and emergency services training) for cadets. A senior squadron is a unit dedicated to allowing senior members to focus on CAP's missions. Composite squadrons have both cadets and senior members working together.

Groups and Squadrons[edit]

Lt. Col. James Card, (center), assistant director of communications and licensing officer, Georgia Wing Civil Air Patrol, discusses the CAP's three missions with a young cadet.
Cap. Cadet 2d Lt. Nathan Bernth (left) speaks with Col. Brent Bracewell (right).
Lt. Col. James Card, (center), Georgia Wing Civil Air Patrol, teaches young cadets how to use communication equipment during Georgia Wing CAP’s weeklong summer encampment at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany.
Georgia Wing Civil Air Patrol cadets collaborate before setting out for their next objective during land navigation training.
Lt. Col. James Card, Georgia Wing Civil Air Patrol, mentors with young cadets.
Cadet Airmen First Class Blake Jones, Echo Flight, Squadron 2, Georgia Wing Civil Air Patrol, points his team in the direction to find their next objective during land navigation training, July 22.

Group 1[edit]

Group I is responsible for operations in and around Northwest Metro Atlanta.

Squadrons of Group 1
Squadron Number Name/Location Type
SER-GA-118 Group 1 Headquarters Headquarters
SER-GA-003 Atlanta Senior Squadron #1 Senior
SER-GA-045 Sandy Springs Cadet Squadron Cadet
SER-GA-065 DeKalb County Cadet Squadron Cadet
SER-GA-090 Cobb County Composite Squadron Composite
SER-GA-129 Bartow-Etowah Composite Squadron Composite
SER-GA-130 PDK Senior Squadron Senior
SER-GA-454 Marietta Air Museum Cadet Squadron Cadet

Group 2[edit]

Group 2 operates around Northeastern Metro Atlanta.

Squadrons of Group 2
Squadron Number Name/Location Type
SER-GA-119 Group 2 Headquarters Headquarters
SER-GA-112 Gwinnett Composite Squadron Composite
SER-GA-142 Walton County Composite Squadron Composite
SER-GA-156 Barrow-Jackson Composite Squadron Composite
SER-GA-157 Newton County Cadet Squadron Cadet
SER-GA-452 Clarke County Composite Squadron Composite
SER-GA-815 Rockdale County Cadet Squadron Conyers Middle School Cadet

Group 3[edit]

Group 3 operates in the Central Georgia area.

Squadrons of Group 3
Squadron Number Name/Location Type
SER-GA-121 Group 3 Headquarters Headquarters
SER-GA-002 Albany Composite Squadron Composite
SER-GA-014 Griffin Composite Squadron Composite
SER-GA-033 Middle Georgia Senior Squadron Senior
SER-GA-808 Central Fellowship Christian Academy Cadet Squadron Cadet
SER-GA-813 Creekside Christian Academy Cadet Squadron Cadet

Group 4[edit]

Group 4 conducts operations in the East Georgia area.

Squadrons of Group 4
Squadron Number Name/Location Type
SER-GA-122 Group 4 Headquarters Headquarters
SER-GA-069 Augusta Composite Squadron Composite
SER-GA-072 Brunswick Senior Squadron Senior
SER-GA-075 Savannah Composite Squadron Composite
SER-GA-143 Douglas Cadet Squadron Cadet
SER-GA-451 Statesboro Composite Squadron Composite
SER-GA-454 Effingham Cadet Squadron Cadet

Group 5[edit]

Group 5 conducts operations in the North Georgia area.

Squadrons of Group 5
Squadron Number Name/Location Type
SER-GA-123 Group 5 Headquarters Headquarters
SER-GA-152 North Georgia Composite Squadron Composite
SER-GA-160 Gainesville Composite Squadron Composite
SER-GA-447 Dahlonega Senior Squadron Senior
SER-GA-506 Currahee Composite Squadron Composite
SER-GA-507 Ellijay Composite Squadron Composite
SER-GA-108 Whitfield-Murray Cadet Squadron Cadet

Group 6[edit]

Group 6 conducts operations in the Western Georgia area.

Squadrons of Group 6
SER-GA-124 Group 6 Headquarters Headquarters
SER-GA-098 Columbus Composite Squadron Composite
SER-GA-109 Fulton Composite Squadron Composite
SER-GA-116 Peachtree City-Falcon Field Composite Squadron Composite West GA Composite Squadron Composite
SER-GA-154 Sweetwater Cadet Squadron Cadet


Georgia Wing conducts a number of schools to support its three main missions (Emergency Services, Aerospace Education, and Cadet Programs). These schools provide instruction and hands on experience to members in a variety of areas, ranging from aviation to search and rescue.

Cadet Activities[edit]

See for more information on post-Encampment special activity events.


This school is normally a week-long in-residence training program for cadets age 12-20, supervised by trained adult Cadet Programs Officers with USAF oversight. The encampment teaches basic cadets the fundamentals of followership and discipline in a fun environment that is both academic and applied, with hands on events. This course is typically held on a local military base (see CAPR 52-16, Chapter 9 for more detail) and typical activities may include supervised rappelling, orientation flights in military aircraft, tours of base units and facilities, etc. Encampment is NOT basic training; per CAPR 52-16 Ch.9, prospective encampment attendees must first complete promotion requirements for their first stripe (Curry Award) at their home unit, inclusive of passing physical fitness run/pushup/sit up/sit and reach standards, their first Leadership test, must have memorized the Cadet Oath, and must pass inspection for wear and grooming standards in both the USAF Blues and BDU uniform combinations. Encampment IS intended to provide cadets with a taste of military life (typically with military style accommodations, food, and formations) intended to foster leadership growth and personal development in a positive, military style advanced training environment. Encampment completion is required for promotion to Cadet Officer and is also the required gateway activity to qualify cadets to then attend National Special Activities (below). For more information, see

Region Cadet Leadership School

RCLS is also a typically week-long course, offered for cadets in the grade of C/CMSGT and above per CAPR 52-16 (Section 8-7). RCLS is similar to Air Force ROTC's Field Training program, focusing on developing advanced cadets' leadership potential as indirect (officer role) leaders as opposed to direct (enlisted/NCO) leaders. This course involves both classroom instruction and applied leadership skills.[3] and may be held within Georgia Wing or within a neighboring Wing of the Southeast Region.

Glider Flight Encampment

Glider Flight Encampments are held throughout the nation, and instruct cadets in the principles of flight, culminating in several rides with qualified instructors in an unpowered glider.[3]

Powered Flight Encampment

Powered Flight Encampments instruct cadets in the basics of aviation. Cadets learn about ground and air procedures, as well as fly in CAP owned Cessna 172s and 182s. Cadets that do well during the program may earn their solo wings.[3]

Other Schools[edit]

Squadron Leadership School

Squadrons are the local unit of Civil Air Patrol, and this course covers material related to the successful operation of a Civil Air Patrol squadron.

Contact information[edit]

Postal address
Hours of Operation

Georgia Wing Headquarters is normally staffed between 0830 to 1700 Local time on business days, and occasionally on weekends and other times as required.[4]

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