Georgia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010

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Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010
Country  Georgia
National selection
Selection process National Final
Selection date(s) 12 September 2010
Selected entrant Mariam Kakhelishvili
Selected song "Mari Dari"
Finals performance
Final result 4th, 109 points
Georgia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest
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Georgia participated in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010 which took place on 20 November 2010, in Minsk, Belarus. Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) was responsible for organising their entry for the contest. Mariam Kakhelishvili was externally selected to represent Georgia with the song "Mari Dari". Georgia placed fourth with 109 points.


Prior to the 2010 Contest, Georgia had participated in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest three times since its debut in 2007.[1] They have never missed an edition of the contest, and have won at the 2008 contest.[2]

Before Junior Eurovision[edit]

Georgia selected their Junior Eurovision entry for 2010 through a national final consisting of 11 songs. The winner was Mariam Kakhelishvili, with the song, "Mari Dari".[3]

Selection Process[edit]

Draw[4][5] Artist Song Result
01 Hereli Gogonebi Mogesalmebit
02 Ana Davitaia Garet Mzea
03 Ana-Bana Herio
04 Dato Zeikidze Sizmari
05 Girls’ Trio Tsvima
06 Harmony Zgvis Periebi
07 Mermisi Sakhaliso
08 Kato Salukvadze Old-time Rock&Roll
09 Melano Pisadze Ushenoba
10 Mariam Kakhelishvili Mari Dari 1st
11 Antsebi Esa, Mesa

Artist and song information[edit]

Mariam Kakhelishvili[edit]

Main article: Mariam Kakhelishvili
Mariam Kakhelishvili
Born (1995-10-09) 9 October 1995 (age 21)
Origin Tbilisi, Georgia
Genres Pop, dance-pop, electro
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, dancer, fashion model
Instruments Vocals, guitar
Years active 2000–present

The winning contestant, Mariam Kakhelishvili, is a singer from Georgia managed by composer Giga Kukhiadnidze and Bzikebi Studio.[6]

Mari Dari[edit]

Georgia (country) "Mari Dari"
Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010 entry
Giga Kukhianidze, Mariam Kakhelishvili
Giga Kukhianidze
Finals performance
Final result
Final points
Appearance chronology
◄ "Lurji prinveli" (2009)   
"Candy Music" (2011) ►

"Mari Dari" is a song by Georgian singer Mariam Kakhelishvili. It represented Georgia during the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010. It is composed by Giga Kukhianidze with lyrics from both Kukhianidze and Kakhelishvili.

At Junior Eurovision[edit]

During the running order draw which took place on 14 October 2010, Georgia was drawn to perform tenth on 20 November 2010, following Belgium and preceding Malta.[7]

The final[edit]

During the final, Mariam Kakhelishvili performed amongst four background dancers, who wore white outfits and pink gloves and wigs. Mariam Kakhelishvili placed fourth at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010, receiving 109 points for her song "Mari Dari".

Points awarded to Georgia[edit]

12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 point

Points awarded by Georgia[edit]