Georgian Mid-Ontario Junior C Hockey League

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Georgian Mid-Ontario Junior "C" Hockey League
Georgian Junior C.png
Chairman John Tomlinson
Headquarters Cambridge, Ontario
Website GMOHL website

The Georgian Mid Ontario Junior C Hockey League is a former Junior "C" ice hockey league in Ontario, Canada, sanctioned by the Ontario Hockey Association. The Champion of the league competed for the All-Ontario Championship and the Clarence Schmalz Cup.

In the summer of 2016, the GMOHL merged into the Provincial Junior Hockey League and became the Carruthers Division in the Northern Conference.


Map of GMOHL, GBJCHL, and MOJCHL teams, red are current, blue are defunct.

Dating back to the late 1940s, the Georgian Bay League featured teams like the Owen Sound Greys, Barrie Colts, and Collingwood Blues. As the top tier teams of the group were promoted to Junior B, teams to the north entered the loop in the 1960s - Powassan North Stars, Bracebridge Bears, Huntsville Blair McCann, Parry Sound Shamrocks, Gravenhurst Indians, and so on. In 1971, the South-Central Junior D Hockey League was formed with teams like the Bradford Blues, Alliston Hornets, Schomberg Cougars, and Stayner Siskins. The South-Central League became Central League Group 1 in 1973. In 1974, Powassan and the Sundridge Beavers dropped out of the Georgian Bay League, so Huntsville and Bracebridge joined the Central League for two seasons until 1977 when they found enough interest from other clubs to restart their League. During this time, the Central League had three playoff championships, Central Junior C, Georgian Bay Junior C, and Central Junior D, all representing the league at the provincial level.

When the South-Central Junior D league was promoted to Junior C, their league champion competed for the Clarence Schmalz Cup, but a second tier champion also competed for the Junior D OHA Cup. In 1974, 1975, 1976, and 1977, the Stayner Siskins competed on behalf of the then Central league for the All-Ontario Junior D title, victorious in 1974 and 1976.

The Georgian Mid-Ontario Junior "C" Hockey League is the result of the 1994 merger of the Mid-Ontario Junior "C" Hockey League and the short-lived Georgian Junior "C" Hockey League. The league began as a Junior "D" league in the early 1970s.

During the 2004-05 season, the GMOHL played an interlocking schedule with the Western Junior C Hockey League. The GMOHL won the series with 44 victories, 32 losses, and 6 ties.

In, May 2010, The OHA confirmed the welcoming of The Caledon Golden Hawks have entered the GMOHL. In March 2012, the GMOHL allowed the Huntsville Otters to join the league after recently retracting from the Ontario Junior Hockey League.[1] With the announcement on April 16, 2015 the league accepted the Collingwood Admirals as the eleventh franchise to the Georgian Bay Mid-Ontario Hockey League.[2] The awarding of the Collingwood franchise was challenged by the Stayner Siskins on the basis that the area did not have enough hockey players to support another franchise. Their appeal was upheld and the expansion Admirals will not participate. The Fergus Devil's announced that they are taking a leave of absence for the 2015-16 season.

League timeline[edit]

Black vertical lines denote a Clarence Schmalz Cup championship. Purple vertical lines denote an OHA Cup Jr. D championship.

The teams[edit]

Team Founded Centre Arena
Alliston Hornets 1971 Alliston New Tecumseth Recreation Complex
Caledon Golden Hawks 2010[3] Caledon Caledon East Arena
Erin Shamrocks 1971 Erin Erin Community Centre
Fergus Devils * 1990 Fergus Fergus & District Community Centre
Huntsville Otters 1990 Huntsville Canada Summit Centre
Midland Flyers 1978 Midland North Simcoe Sports & Recreation Centre
Orillia Terriers 2013 Orillia West Orillia Sports Complex
Penetang Kings 1977 Penetanguishene Penetanguishene Memorial Community Centre
Schomberg Cougars 1969 Schomberg Trisan Centre
Stayner Siskins 1972 Stayner Stayner Memorial Arena
  • - inactive for the 2015-16 season.

2015-16 Playoffs[edit]

Winner moves on to the Clarence Schmalz Cup.

Quarter-final Semi-final Final
1 Alliston 4
8 Schomberg 0
1 Alliston 4
7 Erin 2
2 Huntsville 1
7 Erin 4
1 Alliston 4
6 Penetang 0
3 Midland 1
6 Penetang 4
5 Caledon 3
6 Penetang 4
4 Stayner 2
5 Caledon 4

GMO Junior "C" Champions[edit]

Year Champion Finalist Result in Provincials
1995 Fergus Devils Penetang Kings Lost QF to Mount Forest (WO)
1996 Stayner Siskins Penetang Kings Lost QF to Mount Forest (WO)
1997 Gravenhurst Cubs Fergus Devils Lost QF to Kincardine (WO)
1998 Bradford Bulls Penetang Kings Lost QF to Kincardine (WO)
1999 Fergus Devils Midland Thunder Lost QF to Kincardine (WO)
2000 Fergus Devils Stayner Siskins Lost QF to Kincardine (WO)
2001 Fergus Devils Stayner Siskins Lost QF to Hanover (WO)
2002 Stayner Siskins Erin Shamrocks Lost QF to Kincardine (WO)
2003 Schomberg Cougars Stayner Siskins Lost QF to Hanover (WO)
2004 Stayner Siskins Erin Shamrocks Lost QF to Wingham (WO)
2005 Erin Shamrocks Penetang Kings Lost QF to Wingham (WO)
2006 Penetang Kings Fergus Devils WON CSC vs. Essex (GL)
2007 Penetang Kings Fergus Devils WON CSC vs. Essex (GL)
2008 Alliston Hornets Penetang Kings WON CSC vs. Essex (GL)
2009 Alliston Hornets Penetang Kings Lost Final vs. Essex (GL)
2010 Alliston Hornets Penetang Kings WON CSC vs. Belle River (GL)
2011 Alliston Hornets Stayner Siskins Lost Final vs. Grimsby (ND)
2012 Alliston Hornets Stayner Siskins Lost Final vs. Grimsby (ND)
2013 Alliston Hornets Midland Flyers Lost SF to Picton (EB)
2014 Penetang Kings Alliston Hornets Lost QF to Wingham (WO)
2015 Alliston Hornets Schomberg Cougars Lost SF to Port Hope (EB)
2016 Alliston Hornets Penetang Kings Lost SF to Port Hope (EB)

Central League (1973-1976)[edit]

Year GB Champion Finalist Provincials MO Champion Finalist Provincials
1974 Bradford Acton Lost SF to Cobourg (CL)
1975 Bracebridge Huntsville Lost QF to Lindsay (CL) Bradford Acton Lost QF to Dunnville (ND)
1976 Alliston Bradford Lost QF to Dunnville (ND)
1977 Alliston Bradford Lost SF to Bowmanville (CL)

Regular season champions[edit]

Season Georgian Bay SCJDHL/Central
1971-72 Fergus Green Machine
1972-73 Fergus Green Machine
1973-74 Bracebridge Bears Bradford Vasey Juniors
Season Champion Record Points
1974-75 Stayner Siskins 25-5-0-0 50
1975-76 Stayner Siskins 26-4-2-0 54
1976-77 Stayner Siskins 19-4-3-0 41
Season Georgian Bay Mid-Ontario
1977-78 Penetang Kings Alliston Hornets
1978-79 Penetang Kings Alliston Hornets
1979-80 Penetang Kings Bradford Blues
1980-81 Gravenhurst Indians Alliston Hornets
1981-82 Bracebridge Bears Alliston Hornets
1982-83 Gravenhurst Indians Bradford Blues
1983-84 Penetang Kings Orangeville Stonecrushers
1984-85 Penetang Kings Bradford Blues
1985-86 Midland Centennials Bradford Blues
1986-87 Stayner Siskins Bradford Blues
1987-88 Stayner Siskins Orangeville Crushers
1988-89 Huntsville Blair McCann Orangeville Crushers
1989-90 Parry Sound Brewers Orangeville Crushers
1990-91 Stayner Siskins Orangeville Crushers
1991-92 Stayner Siskins Orangeville Crushers
1992-93 Stayner Siskins Orangeville Crushers
1993-94 Stayner Siskins Orangeville Crushers
Season Champion Record Points
1994-95 Penetang Kings 27-8-1-0 55
1995-96 Stayner Siskins 32-10-2-0 66
1996-97 Erin Shamrocks 24-11-1-0 49
1997-98 Bradford Bulls 24-10-2-0 50
1998-99 Midland Thunder 26-10-0-0 52
1999-00 Fergus Devils 31-5-0-0 62
2000-01 Stayner Siskins 31-5-0-0 62
2001-02 Stayner Siskins 24-11-1-0 49
2002-03 Stayner Siskins 24-9-1-2 51
2003-04 Erin Shamrocks 28-7-1-0 57
2004-05 Alliston Hornets 26-9-5-0 57
2005-06 Penetang Kings 28-8-4-2 62
2006-07 Fergus Devils 29-7-3-2 63
2007-08 Alliston Hornets 36-3-3-0 75
2008-09 Alliston Hornets 40-2-0-0 80
2009-10 Alliston Hornets 38-2-0-2 78
2010-11 Alliston Hornets 32-5-0-3 67
2011-12 Stayner Siskins 32-6-0-2 66
2012-13 Alliston Hornets 35-3-0-2 72
2013-14 Penetang Kings 30-6-0-4 64
2014-15 Alliston Hornets 32-6-0-2 66
2015-16 Alliston Hornets 36-2-3-0 73

Former member teams[edit]

Professional alumni[edit]

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