Georgian National Communications Commission

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Georgian National Communications Commission
Agency overview
FormedJuly 1, 2000
Agency executive
  • Kakhi Bekauri, Chairman
WebsiteOfficial website

The Georgian National Communications Commission is an independent regulatory authority in the country of Georgia. The Commission, formed on July 1, 2000, is responsible for the broadcasting and electronic communications sectors. The Commission is a collegial administrative body. The Commission regulates TV broadcasting, Radio broadcasting, fixed/mobile telephone and internet services.


Commission is independent body and is not subordinated to any state authority, but during implementation process of important projects or reforms commission actively collaborates with the government and often is initiator of legislative changes. Commission presents its annual report to the President of Georgia, to the Parliament of Georgia and to the Government of Georgia.


The Commission's source of income is regulation fee paid by authorized entities and license holders in broadcasting and electronic communications sectors. For the broadcasters defined regulation fee is 0.5% of income and for the authorized entities in electronic communications sector - 0.75% of their income.


The Commission consists of five members. The members of the Commission are elected for the term of 6 years by the Parliament of Georgia from the candidates selected by the President of Georgia (with the approval of the Government of Georgia). The Chairman of the Commission is elected for the period of 3 years by the majority of staff by the Commission itself for one term only.

Since May 19, 2017 Chairmen of the Commission is Kakhi Bekauri. Members of the Commission are Vakhtang Abashidze, Eliso Asanidze, Giorgi Pruidze and Merab Katamadze.

Together with the Commission acts Public Defenders office of Consumers interests’ protection. On 2014, Tamta Tepnadze was appointed as public defender of consumer's rights.

Objectives and functions[edit]


  • Establishment of equal and competitive environment in communications sector
  • Promotion of state-of-the-art technologies implementation in broadcasting and electronic communications sector
  • Providing service variety and accessibility for the consumers
  • Protection of consumers interests
  • Efficient radio frequency spectrum management


  • Licensing/authorization of activities in broadcasting and electronic communications sectors
  • Disputes settlement between the authorized entities subjected to the Commission regulations, as well as between them and the consumers
  • Issuance of Permits for numbering resource and radio frequency spectrum usage
  • Study and analysis of various segments of the electronic communications market, identification of the authorized entities with significant market power, assignment of specific obligations to them
  • Regulation of the access to telecommunications networks and infrastructure
  • Promotion of standardization, certification and metrology service system implementation
  • Control of compliance with the requirements of the applicable law in the communications sector and appropriate response

Former chairs[edit]

Vakhtang Abashidze 2014-2017
Akaki Sikharulidze 2014
Karlo Kvitaishvili 2013
Irakli Chikovani 2009-2013
Giorgi Arveladze 2007-2009
Zurab Nonikashvili 2007
Dimitri Kitoshvili 2004-2007
Vakhtang Abashidze 2000-2004

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