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The Georgian Triangle is the name of a geographic region in Southern Ontario containing the counties surrounding Georgian Bay, mostly Nottawasaga Bay, in particular. The main urban centres in the region are Collingwood, Owen Sound, and situated on Lake Simcoe Barrie. Recreation and tourism are important parts of this area's economy, with cottages being one of the primary real estates along the coastline.

The area is actually a sub-region of two other regions in Southern Ontario: Southwestern Ontario in the western half and Central Ontario in the eastern half. Historically, it once formed the western part of "cottage country" in Ontario, however, most properties are now lived in year-round and cottage country is now more associated with areas further north, namely Muskoka, Parry Sound and Haliburton.


The counties contained in the Georgian Triangle are:

These are coloured red on the inset map.

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Coordinates: 44°30′43″N 80°30′00″W / 44.512°N 80.500°W / 44.512; -80.500