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Under the Georgian Mkhedruli script graffiti in Tbilisi, text in black saying "anton shegetsi" meaning "fuck you Anton" or "I fucked you Anton".

Georgian profanity (Georgian: ქართული ბილწსიტყვაობა, romanized: kartuli bilts'sit'q'vaoba) refers to inflammatory vulgar, obscene or profane language in Georgian that some of the words and phrases even evolved into a modern Georgian slang. For exact and comprehensive pronunciation of words and phrases, especially ones written with the apostrophes, the rules of Romanization of Georgian and IPA are essential.

The Georgian Orthodox Church and Catholicos-Patriarch Ilia II of Georgia have traditionally been very critical of Georgian profanity, describing it as "words of death and Satan",[1] that will result in "severe punishment by God".[2] After the Orthodox Christmas of 2019, then-Chairperson of the Parliament of Georgia Irakli Kobakhidze suggested to make Georgian profanity punishable and forbidden by law, but then-Minister of Justice of Georgia Thea Tsulukiani ruled out such a scenario saying "that very law will put us all in prison, so it should stay protected by the freedom of expression".[3][4]

Body parts[edit]

  • q'le (Georgian: ყლე) dick.[5]
    • q'leo! (Georgian: ყლეო!) Hey you stupid! Literally "you, dick!".
    • q'letaq'le! (Georgian: ყლეთაყლე!) extremely stupid person. Literally "The dickest of dicks".
    • q'lishvili (Georgian: ყლიშვილი) stupid person. Literally "son of a dick".
    • q'lipona (Georgian: ყლიფონა) stupid person.
    • q'linji (Georgian: ყლინჯი) stupid person.
    • q'listava (Georgian: ყლისთავა) dick-head.
    • q'lis ch'uch'q'i (Georgian: ყლის ჭუჭყი) stupid person. Literally "penis smegma".
    • aq'listavda (Georgian: აყლისთავდა) describes a moment when a person falls. Literally "one that became a dick-head".
    • chems q'les! (Georgian: ჩემს ყლეს!) I don't give a fuck! Literally meaning "it can go to my dick!".
    • q'leze mk'idia! (Georgian: ყლეზე მკიდია!) I don't give a fuck! Literally meaning "it hangs on my dick".
    • q'leoba (Georgian: ყლეობა) stupid deed, or low quality thing.
    • q'lekala (Georgian: ყლექალა) a stupid girl, woman. Literally "dick woman".
    • gamoq'levebuli (Georgian: გამოყლევებული) stupid person.
    • daq'levebuli (Georgian: დაყლევებული) stupid person.
  • k'ut'u (Georgian: კუტუ) little dick.[5]
  • ch'uch'u (Georgian: ჭუჭუ) little dick.[5]
  • q'veri (Georgian: ყვერი) testicle, ball.[5]
    • shen q'verebs venatsvale! (Georgian: შენ ყვერებს ვენაცვალე!) literally meaning "I adore your balls" can be used as an expression of admiration from a parent to a son.
  • mut'eli (Georgian: მუტელი) cunt, pussy.[5]
    • au ra mut'elia! (Georgian: აუ რა მუტელია!) expressing admiration when seeing extremely beautiful and sexually attractive woman. Literally "wow, what a pussy!".
    • mut'lismts'oveli (Georgian: მუტლისმწოველი) a person who performs cunnilingus. Literally "one who sucks the pussy".
    • gagmut'lav! (Georgian: გაგმუტლავ!) I will beat the shit out of you! Literally "I'll turn you into a pussy".
  • puchu (Georgian: ფუჩუ) cunt, pussy of a young girl.[5]
  • dzudzu (Georgian: ძუძუ) tits, breast.[6]
  • jikani (Georgian: ჯიქანი) tits. (used in more rural areas).
  • t'rak'i (Georgian: ტრაკი) ass.[6]
    • t'rak'iani (Georgian: ტრაკიანი) a brave person. Literally "someone with an ass".
    • t'rak'uli (Georgian: ტრაკული) shitty.
    • ut'rak'o (Georgian: უტრაკო) a coward. Literally "someone without an ass".
    • mak'otse t'rak'ze! (Georgian: მაკოცე ტრაკზე!) kiss my ass!
    • ra gamit'rak'e sakme! (Georgian: რა გამიტრაკე საქმე!) you're such a pain in the ass!
    • mazoli mak t'rak'ze (Georgian: მაზოლი მაქ ტრაკზე) I worked my ass off.
    • met'rak'e (Georgian: მეტრაკე) gay male. Literally meaning "ass-er" i.e. someone who goes after ass.
    • nu gaat'rak'e! (Georgian: ნუ გაატრაკე!) No way! Literally "don't act as an ass".
    • sadghats t'rak'shi (Georgian: სადღაც ტრაკში) somewhere very far. Literally "somewhere in the ass".

Bodily functions[edit]

Protester holding a trilingual sign during 2019–2020 Georgian protests against Vladimir Putin. The upper Georgian text says "gaajvi" meaning "fuck off", followed by Russian equivalent "nakhuy".
  • t'rats'i (Georgian: ტრაწი) shit, diarrhea.[7]
    • t'rats'iani (Georgian: ტრაწიანი) a weak person or a coward.
  • ijvams (Georgian: იჯვამს) one that shits himself.[7]
    • chajmuli (Georgian: ჩაჯმული) a person who is easily frightened or intimidated.
    • gaajvi! (Georgian: გააჯვი!) fuck off! Literally meaning "shit off".
  • ipsams (Georgian: იფსამს) one that pisses himself.[7]
    • chapsmuli (Georgian: ჩაფსმული) a person who is easily frightened and intimidated.
  • mdzghneri (Georgian: მძღნერი) shit.[7]
  • k'uili (Georgian: კუილი) fart.[7]
    • k'uilivit gaip'ara (Georgian: კუილივით გაიპარა) means "one that ran away cowardly" (literally means "sneak out like a fart").
    • k'uana (Georgian: კუანა) a coward (literally means "Someone who farts").


  • t'q'vna (Georgian: ტყვნა) to fuck. Words and phrases derived from it are the most used.[8]
    • sheni deda movt'q'an! (Georgian: შენი დედა მოვტყან!) I fucked your mother!
    • shen mogit'q'an dedis mut'eli! (Georgian: შენ მოგიტყან დედის მუტელი!) I fucked the pussy of your mother!
    • shen mogit'q'an dedis t'rak'i! (Georgian: შენ მოგიტყან დედის ტრაკი!) I fucked the ass of your mother!
    • sheni jishi movt'q'an! (Georgian: შენი ჯიში მოვტყან!) I fucked your origin!
    • dedamot'q'nuli (Georgian: დედამოტყნული) Literally "mother-fucked", that may mean a dangerous person who can do bad, harmful and unpredictable things.
    • dedamot'q'nuliserti (Georgian: დედამოტყნულისერთი) Literally "one mother-fucked", that may mean a dangerous person who can do bad, harmful and unpredictable things.
    • t'q'nauri (Georgian: ტყნაური) an act of fucking, sex.
    • mt'q'vneli (Georgian: მტყვნელი) a person who fucks, a fucker. It can sometimes have a positive description for a person who is considered wealthy, cool, brave or confident.
    • dedismt'q'vneli (Georgian: დედისმტყვნელი) a motherfucker. It can be used as a term of admiration which may describe a wealthy, cool or confident person.
  • shetsema (Georgian: შეცემა) to fuck.[8]
    • sheni dedas shevetsi! (Georgian: შენი დედას შევეცი!) I fucked your mother!
    • sheni pirshi shevetsi! (Georgian: შენი პირში შევეცი!) I fucked your mouth!
    • shegetsi mut'elshi! (Georgian: შეგეცი მუტელში!) I fucked your pussy!
    • shegetsi t'rak'shi! (Georgian: შეგეცი ტრაკში!) I fucked your ass!
  • gatkhra (Georgian: გათხრა) to fuck, to stick in. Literally "to dig".[8]
    • shen dedas gavtkhare! (Georgian: შენ დედას გავთხარე!) I fucked your mother!
    • gaitkhare t'rak'shi! (Georgian: გაითხარე ტრაკში!) Keep it (to stingy person)! Literally meaning stick it in your ass.
  • ndzreva (Georgian: ნძრევა) jerking off, masturbation. Literally meaning "to shake".[8]
    • mdzrevela (Georgian: მძრეველა) a fapper.
    • shendzreuli (Georgian: შენძრეული) sly person.
    • shen kho ar andzrev? (Georgian: შენ ხო არ ანძრევ?) Are you out of your fucking mind? Literally "are you jerking off?"
    • daendzra (Georgian: დაენძრა) Used to describe a situation when a person is in danger or should expect trouble to happen soon.
  • p'irshi agheba (Georgian: პირში აღება) a blowjob. Literally meaning "taking it in the mouth".[8]
  • at'ekhili (Georgian: ატეხილი) horny. Literally meaning "unchained". Used only for describing women.[9]
  • akhurebuli (Georgian: ახურებული) horny. Literally meaning "one in heat". Used for describing men.[9]
  • gataveba (Georgian: გათავება) to come, ejaculate. Literally means "finish".[9]
    • vataveb! (Georgian: ვათავებ!) I'm coming! I'm about to ejaculate!
    • gavutave! (Georgian: გავუთავე!) I ejaculated on her/him!
  • tesli (Georgian: თესლი) sperm, seed. Sometimes can be used as a term of admiration for a thing or a person that is beautiful, cool or extraordinary.[9]
    • uteslesi (Georgian: უთესლესი) Used as a term of admiration for a thing or a person that is extremely beautiful, cool or extraordinary. Also can be used to describe a sly and dangerous person.
    • miatesla (Georgian: მიათესლა) one ejaculating on another sexual partner.
    • daatesla (Georgian: დაათესლა) one ejaculating on another sexual partner.
    • chaatesla (Georgian: ჩაათესლა) one ejaculating inside another sexual partner's pussy, anus or mouth.
    • chamoteslili (Georgian: ჩამოთესლილი) derogatory description of foreigners, especially Asians, who visit Georgia.

Other expressions[edit]

  • bozi (Georgian: ბოზი) slut, whore.[9]
    • boziiish! (Georgian: ბოზიიიშ!) holy fuck!
    • bozishvili (Georgian: ბოზიშვილი) a despicable person. Literally "son of a slut".
    • bozandara (Georgian: ბოზანდარა) a despicable person.
    • nabozari (Georgian: ნაბოზარი) a despicable person. Literally "one that used to be a slut".
  • dzuk'na (Georgian: ძუკნა) bitch.[9]
  • dzaghlishvili (Georgian: ძაღლიშვილი) a despicable person. Literally "son of a dog".[9]
  • ghorishvili (Georgian: ღორიშვილი) a despicable person. Literally "son of a pig".[9]
    • ghori (Georgian: ღორი) greedy person. Literally "pig".
    • ghrusi (Georgian: ღრუსი) derogatory way of referring to Russians. Literally meaning "Russian pig".
    • ghruseti (Georgian: ღრუსეთი) derogatory way of referring to Russia. Literally meaning "country of Russian pig".
  • virishvili (Georgian: ვირიშვილი) a despicable person. Literally "son of a donkey".[9]
    • maimuno virishvilo! (Georgian: მაიმუნო ვირიშვილო!) used for criticizing youngsters for misbehavior by the elderly. Literally "you're a monkey, son of a donkey".
  • mshobeldzaghlo! (Georgian: მშობელძაღლო!) Literally meaning "your parents are dogs" is used to describe a despicable person.[10]
  • mamadzaghlo! (Georgian: მამაძაღლო!) Literally meaning "your father is a dog" is used to describe a despicable person.[10]
  • goimi (Georgian: გოიმი) a loser, person who fails frequently and is unsuccessful in life. Word comes from Hebrew goy.[10]
  • ghmertma dagts'q'evlos! (Georgian: ღმერთმა დაგწყევლოს!) God damn you![10]



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