Georgina Callaghan

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Georgina Callaghan
Born 28 November 1986
Origin Boston, England
Genres Pop singer-songwriter
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter
Instruments singing, acoustic guitar, piano
Years active 2005–present
Labels Green Town Music
Associated acts Shawn Mullins

British artist Callaghan (full name Georgina Callaghan) is a singer-songwriter. She performs under the name Callaghan. She is best known for her 2012 album "Life in Full Colour" produced by Grammy-nominated US artist Shawn Mullins.

Callaghan is currently living in Los Angeles where she is recording her 3rd studio album.


Callaghan wrote her first song at the age of 14 and earned a place on BBC TV show Get Your Act Together,[1] hosted by Irish singer Ronan Keating.

Callaghan has worked with many musicians and producers including Grammy Award-winning writer John Peppard (1998, Best Country Collaboration with Vocals for "In Another's Eyes") and producer Peter Lawlor who formed the band Stiltskin.[2][3]

Callaghan performing at The National Theatre London 2009

In 2008, Callaghan self-released single "Look Around". Doing all of the PR and radio plugging herself, Callaghan achieved airplay on numerous BBC radio stations, extensive local and national press coverage as well as a performance on Sky TV.[4][5] All proceeds from the sale of the single went to music charity Live Music Now.[6]

In July 2009, Callaghan travelled to Georgia, USA to record with US artist Shawn Mullins. The first single from the collaboration "Smile" was played and endorsed on the Bob Harris Country Show on BBC Radio 2.[7]

Callaghan's full album "Life in Full Colour" was completed in 2011 and initially made available as pre-release Limited Edition copies to fans through her website[8] and at live shows.

The album released in 2012 to great reviews:

"A 12-track set infused with folk, pop, rock and country influences and, above all, immediate hooks" –

"Life In Full Colour by Callaghan proves that this Brit has been listening to her Joni Mitchell, Bonnie Raitt and Sheryl Crow records. ...Girl can write. Girl can sing. Girl can play piano. Girl has captured my heart. Callaghan, oh Callaghan, sing me back home" – Aquarian Weekly

"The world needs more singer songwriters like Callaghan. In a time where mediocrity is seen as brilliant, Callaghan truly shines through as the real deal. Her voice is original and pure, and she is one of the greatest unsigned talents I've ever heard." – Shawn Mullins[9]

After living in Atlanta for a few years she moved to Nashville in 2012 after completing 4 tours opening for Mullins. In June 2013 Billboard Magazine published a four-page article titled House Music which detailed her first show in Boston as part of her Callaghan Across America Tour describing the exposure that house concerts can provide for both independent and established artists.[10] On 22 September 2013 BBC Radio 2 broadcast a recorded live session with Callaghan for the Bob Harris Sunday show as part of his week in Nashville covering the Americana Awards. [11]


Callaghan's music is a blend of pop/rock/singer-songwriter genres, with influences from great artists including Shawn Mullins, Sarah McLachlan, Johnny Cash and James Taylor. Her voice has been compared to artists including Sarah McLachlan and Alison Krauss.




  • Callaghan (2005)
  • Road To Elmersville (2006)
  • Nothing You Say (2007)
  • The Other Side (2017)


  • Look Around (2008)
  • Smile (2009)
  • Surrender (Acoustic) (2017)
  • I Don't Know How To Lose You (Acoustic) (2017)


  • Album "Life in Full Colour" produced by Shawn Mullins
  • "Sweet Surrender" (Life in Full Colour) co-written by Callaghan and Shawn Mullins
  • "The Only Thing Real" (Life in Full Colour) co-written by Callaghan and Shawn Mullins
  • EP "London To Lawrenceville" 3 songs produced by Shawn Mullins


  • "Having seen her do a showcase earlier this year, I thought she was wonderful" – Bob Harris OBE (BBC Radio 2)[12]
  • "One of the best albums of last year, LIFE IN FULL COLOUR, for Callaghan" – Bob Harris OBE (BBC Radio 2).[13]
  • "A 12-track set infused with folk, pop, rock and country influences and, above all, immediate hooks" – Billboard[14]
  • "Life In Full Colour is joyful listening" – Huffington Post[15]


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