Georgina Lightning

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Georgina Lightning
Born Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Occupation Filmmaker, actor
Notable work Older Than America

Georgina Lightning is a Canadian First Nations film director, screenwriter, and actress. Lightning was born in Edmonton, Alberta, and is a Maskwacis (Plains) Cree, registered with the Samson Cree Nation of the Samson Indian Reservation near Edmonton, Alberta. She was raised off the reservation.[1]

In 2007 she was featured in Filmmaker Magazine as one of 25 New Faces of Independent Film. In 2010 she was the recipient of the "White House Project- Epic-Award for Emerging Artist".[2] She co-founded Tribal Alliance Productions, partnering with executive producer Audrey Martinez, as a means to create opportunities for Native Indian and indigenous filmmakers.[3]

In 2008 she directed, wrote, and starred in the supernatural thriller film Older Than America. As such, she became the first female North American aboriginal director of a feature-length film.[4] The film won several awards from various film contests, including Best Feature Film, Best Director and Best Actor.[1] The idea for the film came from her personal exploration of her father's past.

She is an outspoken advocate of North American aboriginal causes, working to restore a greater common appreciation and awareness of the intrinsic value of North American aboriginal culture to society in general.[5] Her three children are either currently or previously performing actors. They are Crystle Lightning, Cody Lightning, and William Lightning.


  • Yellow Wooden Ring (1998 as Sissy Blea)
  • Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World (1998 as an “additional voice”)
  • My Brother (1999 as Mother)
  • Walker, Texas Ranger (TV, 1998-1999, two episodes, in Way of the Warrior as Sundance, and War Cry as Ellen Crow Feather)
  • Backroads (2000 as Mary Lou)
  • Johnny Greyeyes (2000 as Georgina)
  • Christmas in the Clouds (2001 as Louise)
  • Cowboy Up (2001 as Brenda)
  • The West Wing (TV, 2001, as Maggie Morningstar Charles in the episode The Indians in the Lobby)
  • Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (TV, 2002, as Lainie Proudfoot in four episodes: An Inspector Calls, Another Country, A Bridge too Far, and Bridge Over Troubled Water)
  • Dreamkeeper (TV, 2003 as Crystal Heart, also as associate producer)
  • Sawtooth (2004 as Lucy, also as executive producer and producer)
  • Hanbleceya (2005 as co-producer)
  • Ghosts of the Heartland (2007 as Tani)
  • Older Than America (2008 as director, writer, and as lead actress portraying the character Rain)[6]
  • Blackstone (TV series, 2011, as Tracy Bull in the first season)


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