Georgios Georgiadis (Prince of Samos)

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Georgios Georgiadis
Georgios Georgiadis Cappadocia.JPG
Prince of Samos
In office
August 1907 – January 1908
Preceded by Konstantinos Karatheodoris
Succeeded by Andreas Kopasis

Georgios Georgiadis was the Ottoman-appointed Prince of Samos who reigned briefly from 1907 to 1908.


Georgiadis was born in 1866 to a Greek family who were natives of Prokopi, near Niğde in Cappadocia (modern Ürgüp, central Turkey).[1] After being appointed Prince, he came to the island, but he realized that a civil war was about to break out. To avoid fighting his own people, he gave his resignation to the Ottoman Sultan. When he left, he told the Samian Parliament : "Fellow Samians, I am leaving because I don't want to execute the illegal orders of the Ottoman government. I hope that I will not be replaced by Andreas Kopasis". However, that is exactly what happened.


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