Georgios Sisinis

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Georgios Sisinis
Γεώργιος Σισίνης
G Sissini.jpg
Born 1769
Gastouni, Greece (then part of the Ottoman Empire)
Died 1831
Gastouni, Elis, Greece
Occupation politician, Greek revolutionary leader

Georgios Sisinis (Greek: Γεώργιος Σισίνης, 1769–1831) was a Greek politician and a Greek revolutionary leader.


He was born in Gastouni in modern Elis and descended from a rich and historic family of the area. During the Ottoman rule, he was a chief of Gastouni. He had participated in the Filiki Eteria in 1819.

He led the revolution of 1821 in Elis and helped mainly the event. He thought he was one of the famous provisioner of the revolutionary force in the Peloponnese. In the strategic battle he battled mainly in the battles of Patras, Lala and Chlemoutsi.

As a politician, he was an attorney of Elis and presidents of the second and third National Assembly in 1829. In 1825, he entered together with his son Chrysanthos Sisinis and jailed for his political confidences in Hydra. In the spring of the same year he was released and continued his battles and action. In the period of Capodistria, he was a member of the Panellinion (Panhellenic), on the other hand, he abdicated and he dissented with his politics.


A street (named Sisini) is named in his hometown, it runs along the former main Patras-Pyrgos Road south of the main square in Gastouni's south, the northern portion is one way southward and the rest two-way, its furthermost part intersects the New Highway. Another street (named Georgiou Sisini or Sisini) is named in nearby Lechaina to the north.


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