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Georgios Sougdouris (Greek: Γεώργιος Σουγδουρής, 1645/7–1725) was an ethnic Greek philosopher and theologian.

Sougdouris was born in Ioannina, northwestern Greece, where he finished ground level studies. He continued his studies in Venice and Padua.[1] In 1681 Sougdouris became a priest and two years later the head of the Goumas school in Ioannina, succeeding Bessarion Makris. Sougdouris taught there natural science, mathematics and aristotelian philosophy.[1] Sougdouris taught at the Goumas school until 1710 and was succeeded by Methodios Anthrakites.[2] He wrote a number of philological, theological and philosophical works like Εισαγωγή Λογική (Introduction to Logic), published in Vienna, 1792 and Επιτομή Γραμματικής (Coincise Grammar), both were extensively used as school textbooks.[1][2] Moreover, he translated to Greek the work of Francesco Panigarola Rhetorica Ecclesiastica.[1]

Sougdouris got involved in various theological discussions with local scholars.[3] Due to his progressive views and teaching methods, got into conflict with conservatives cycles and was accused for atheism.[4] As a result the local Orthodox bishop asked for Sougdouris' excommunication but failed.[5]


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