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Georgios Sougdouris (Greek: Γεώργιος Σουγδουρής, 1645/7–1725) was a Greek philosopher and theologian.

Sougdouris was born in Ioannina, northwestern Greece, where he finished ground level studies. He continued his studies at the University of Venice and in Padua where he may have attended courses at the local university.[1] In 1681 Sougdouris became a priest and two years later the head of the Goumas School (el) in Ioannina (a.k.a. Gioumeios or Gioumas School), succeeding Bessarion Makris. Sougdouris taught there natural science, mathematics and aristotelian philosophy.[1] Sougdouris taught at the Goumas school until 1710 and was succeeded by Methodios Anthrakites.[2] He wrote a number of philological, theological and philosophical works like Εισαγωγή Λογική (Introduction to Logic), published in Vienna, 1792 and Επιτομή Γραμματικής (Concise Grammar), both were extensively used as school textbooks.[1][2] Moreover, he translated to Greek the work of Francesco Panigarola Rhetorica Ecclesiastica.[1]

Sougdouris got involved in various theological discussions with local scholars.[3] Due to his progressive views and teaching methods, got into conflict with conservatives cycles and was accused for atheism.[4] As a result, the local Orthodox bishop asked for Sougdouris' excommunication but failed.[5]


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