Georgiou I Square

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Georgiou I Square
Πλατεία Γεωργίου Α'
King George square in Patra.jpg
General information
Type Open square
Architectural style Neoclassicism
Town or city Patras
Country Greece
Design and construction
Architect Stamatis Voulgaris

Georgiou I Square (Greek: Πλατεία Γεωργίου Αʹ) is the central square of Patras, Greece. The square is named after King George I of Greece. It is crossed by Maizonos, Korinthou and Gerokostopoulou streets. The neoclassical Apollon Theatre is situated on the northeast side of the square.


The square was built under the Kapodistrias government as a part of the 1829 plans by Stamatis Voulgaris to rebuild the devastated centre of Patras after the Greek War of Independence. Unlike the old city, the new city was built according to a grid plan with several large squares. The square has been renamed several times: Dimokratias at first, then Kalamogdarti, Othonos, Kentriki, Thomopoulou, Ethniki, Palligenesias and since 1863: Georgiou I. In the square there are two fountains.



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Coordinates: 38°14′46″N 21°44′06″E / 38.2462°N 21.7351°E / 38.2462; 21.7351