Juraj Šižgorić

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Juraj Šižgorić
Born 1445
Died 1509
Nationality Venetian
Other names Georgius Sisgoreus
Occupation poet

Juraj Šižgorić (Latin: Georgius Sisgoreus, Georgius Sisgoritus) (ca. 1445–1509) was a Croatian Latinist poet.

He was the first humanist from Šibenik and the central personality of the Šibenik's humanist circle and also one of the most important figures in 15th century cultural life and history of Croatian people.

His Elegiarum et carminum libri tres ("Book of elegies and poems", Venice, 1477) was a first published book by a Croatian poet. American historian John Van Antwerp Fine, Jr. emphasizes that Šižgorić and Vinko Pribojević did not consider themselves to be Croats, but rather Slavic language-speaking Venetians.[1]


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