Georgy Shonin

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Georgy Stepanovich Shonin
The Soviet Union 1969 CPA 3809 stamp (Georgi Shonin and Valeri Kubasov (Soyuz 6)) cropped Shonin.jpg
Nationality Soviet
Born (1935-08-03)August 3, 1935
Rovenky, Soviet Union (now Ukraine)
Died April 7, 1997(1997-04-07) (aged 61)
Zvyozdny, Russia
Other occupation
Rank Lieutenant General, Soviet Air Force
Time in space
4d 22h 42m
Selection Air Force Group 1
Missions Soyuz 6

Georgy Stepanovich Shonin (Ukrainian: Гео́ргій Степа́нович Шо́нін) (August 3, 1935 – April 7, 1997; born in Rovenky, Luhansk Oblast, (now Ukraine) but grew up in Balta of Ukrainian SSR) was a Soviet cosmonaut, who flew on the Soyuz 6 space mission.

Shonin was part of the original group of cosmonauts selected in 1960. He left the space programme in 1979 for medical reasons.

Shonin's family hid a Jewish family from the Nazis during WWII.[1]

Shonin later worked as the director of the 30th Central Scientific Research Institute, Ministry of Defence (Russia).

He died of a heart attack in 1997.

He was awarded: