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GEPA - The Fair Trade Company
Non-profit organization
IndustryFair trade
FoundedMay 14, 1975
HeadquartersWuppertal, Germany
ProductsCoffee, Tea, Cocoa, Handicraft, Honey, Nuts, Rice, Wine, Sports Balls, Jewelry, Textiles etc.
RevenueGreen Arrow Up.svg61.5 million EUR (2011/12)
Number of employees
160 (2012)

The GEPA is Europe's largest alternative trading organization. The abbreviation GEPA³ stands for "Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Partnerschaft mit der Dritten Welt mbH“, literally meaning "Society for the Promotion of Partnership with the Third World".


The main goal of GEPA³ is to improve the living and working conditions of people in the South, following the spirit of the UN Agenda 21 for economic, social and ecological sustainability.

Partners of GEPA[edit]

Sale Structure[edit]

15 regional fair trade centres in the Federal Republic of Germany supply approximately 800 shops worldwide and roughly 6,000 action groups with fairly traded groceries and handcrafted products. Numerous supermarkets and food retailers also sell gepa products. Business canteens, student unions, conference houses etc. are provided by gepa on a wholesaler basis. The gepa website also has an online shop which generates sales.

The "Regionalen Fair Handelszentren" or RFZ (Regional Commercial Fairs) are partly owned by gepa with the other part belonging to independent sponsors.

  • RFZs sponsored by GEPA themselves:
  • RFZs sponsored independently:
  • Saarland (Saarbrücken)
  • North (Hamburg)
  • Bavaria (Haimhausen/Amperpettenbach)
  • Saxony (Dresden)
  • Aachen
  • Bad Abbach
  • Bonn
  • Cadolzburg
  • Münster
  • Munich
  • Northeim


GEPA is a FLO International registered Fairtrade licensee and importer. The organization is also a licensee of Naturland Zeichen GmbH and a member of the European Fair Trade Association (EFTA), the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) and the Forums Fairer Handel.


Periodical Publications[edit]

  • Info Dienst
  • Info Service
  • Pressedienst (Press Service)

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