Gerad Dhidhin

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Gerad Abdulahi Kooge Mohamud Harti
جراد عبد الله كوجى محمود هرتى
1st Sultan of the Warsangali Sultanate
Sovereign of the House of North East of Somaliland Sultanate
Sultan of Sultans of Somaliland
Reign 1298–1311
Successor Gerad Hamar Gale (1311–1328)
Dynasty Warsangali Dynasty
Religion Islam

Gerad Dhidhin (Somali: Abdulaahi Kooge Maxamuud Harti, Arabic: عبد الله كوجى محمود هرتى‎), also known as Gerad Abdulahi, was the founder of the Warsangali Sultanate in the late 13th century in the territory of present-day northern Somalia.


A well-known Somali imperial ruling house, Gerad Dhidhin's dynasty governed much of northeastern and some parts of southeastern Somalia, such as Kismayo. It was one of the largest sultanates ever established in the territory, and, at the height of its power, included the Sanaag region and parts of the northeastern Bari region of the country, an area historically known as Maakhir or the Maakhir Coast.

Rulers of the Warsangali Sultanate[edit]

Rulers of the Warsangali Sultanate after Gerad Dhidhin:

# Sultan Reign Notes
1 Gerad Dhidhin 1298–1311 Established the Warsangali Sultanate in the late 13th century.
2 Gerad Hamar Gale 1311–1328 Son of Gerad Dhidhin. Expanded rule into the southern Somali Peninsula.
3 Gerad Ibrahim 1328–1340
4 Gerad Omer 1340–1355
5 Gerad Mohamud I 1355–1375
6 Gerad Ciise I 1375–1392
7 Gerad Siciid 1392–1409
8 Gerad Ahmed 1409–1430
9 Gerad Siciid II 1430–1450
10 Gerad Mohamud II 1450–1479
11 Gerad Ciise II 1479–1487 Father of Gerad Ali Dable.
12 Gerad Omar 1487–1495 Following Gerad Ciise II's death, various pretenders to the throne battled each other to succeed the ruler. Power was eventually transferred for a short period to Ciise II's brother, Gerad Omar.
13 Gerad Ali Dable 1491–1503 Exiled in Yemen after the death of his father, Gerad Ciise II. Returned with cannon fire and defeated the Gerad of Dhulbahante's troops in the Battle of Garadag.
14 Gerad Liban 1503–1525 Eldest son of Gerad Ali Dable.
15 Gerad Yuusuf 1525–1555
16 Gerad Mohamud III 1555–1585
17 Gerad Abdale 1585–1612
18 Gerad Ali 1612–1655
19 Gerad Mohamud IV 1655–1675
20 Gerad Naleye 1675–1705
21 Gerad Mohamed 1705–1750
22 Gerad Ali 1750–1789
23 Gerad Mohamud Ali 1789–1830
24 Gerad Aul 1830–1870
25 Gerad Ali Shire 1870–1897 Father of Sultan Mohamoud Ali Shire, with whom he briefly engaged in a power struggle.
26 Sultan Mohamoud Ali Shire 1897–1960 Led the Sultanate during some of its most turbulent years. Fought against and signed treaties with the British. Eventually exiled to the Seychelles for ignoring imperial entreaties.
27 Sultan Abdul Sallan 1960–1997
28 Sultan Siciid Sultan Abdisalaan 1997–present

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