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For name origin, see Gerald. For other uses, see Gerald (disambiguation).

Gerald is an English, Irish, Scottish, and German language masculine given name. The name also exists in French with the accent Gérald.

People with the name include:




Other fields[edit]

  • Gerald Birks, a Canadian fighter ace in World War I
  • Gerald W. Brown, a whistle-blower who revealed fire protection deficiencies in the US and Canadian nuclear industry
  • Gerald Cohen, a professor of social and political theory at Oxford university
  • Gerald Durrell, a naturalist, zookeeper, conservationist, author, and television presenter
  • Gerald Murphy, the heir to the family who owned Mark Cross Company
  • Gerald Ratner, former retail tycoon responsible for one of the most famous errors in corporate history
  • Gerald Mayo, filed a lawsuit against Satan and his servants in United States District Court
  • Gerald Zamponi, Canadian academic

Fictional characters[edit]