Gerard Curtis Delano

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Gerard Curtis Delano
Born(1890-04-14)April 14, 1890
Known forPainting

Gerard Curtis Delano, often credited as Jerry Delano, (April 14, 1890 – 1972) was a painter and illustrator of the American west.

Delano was born in Marion, Massachusetts. He served in the US Navy in the First World War, then worked on a ranch in Colorado, before moving to New York City to study art. For many years he lived and painted in Denver, Colorado and Summit County, Colorado.


In his early artistic years, Delano:

During his later years, his painting focused on depictions of Navajo people, red sandstone canyons, and wildlife. His style shows some Cubist influences.

The saguaro cactus as a symbol of the West[edit]

In 1940, Delano painted Navajo Shepherdess, placed in Monument Valley. In it he placed a saguaro cactus, although it was well outside the naturally occurring area for this plant. It is believed to be the first illustrative use of the plant to symbolize the American West, which has become almost ubiquitous.



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