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Dr. Gerald Deskin, Ph.D. (January 10, 1929 – March 9, 2004) was a clinical child psychologist, marriage and family therapist. He was credited with the founding of The Learning Center Foundation, a non-profit foundation dedicated to research and the diffusion of knowledge for assisting those with learning disabilities, especially dyslexia, in children. The Learning Center was founded in 1967 and continues to run as non-profit foundation in Encino, California. In its nearly four decades existence, The Learning Center has assisted many tens of thousands of children from the Los Angeles area.

He was also the co-author of "The Parent's Answer Book: Over 101 Most-Asked Questions About Your Child's Well-Being."

Dr. Deskin was a member of the Health Disaster Team of the American Red Cross and played an active role in "Project Rebound" in Los Angeles after the 1994 Northridge earthquake.