Gerald Flood

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Gerald Flood
Born Gerald Robert Flood
21 April 1927
Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
Died 12 April 1989 (aged 61)
Farnham, Surrey, England
Cause of death
Heart attack
Occupation Actor
Years active 1948-1989

Gerald Robert Flood (21 April 1927–12 April 1989) was a British actor of stage and television.

Early life[edit]

Flood was born in Portsmouth, Hampshire, but lived for most of his life in Farnham, Surrey, where he regularly appeared on stage at the Castle Theatre. As a teenager, he served as a wireless operator during World War II, and worked as a filing clerk before becoming an actor.


He first came to national prominence whist starring alongside Patrick Allen and Sam Kydd in the Morocco-based police series, Crane, which ran from 1963 to 1965 on ITV. In this he played the character Colonel Sharif Mahmoud. Flood also appeared in a number of television and film roles over the years. These included the ITC series The Champions, Strange Report and Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) and The Rat Catchers. Other notable roles were in the popular ABC science-fiction television serials; Pathfinders in Space, Pathfinders to Mars and Pathfinders to Venus as journalist Conway Henderson, which were follow up sequels to Target Luna. Other serial work, with some of the cast and crew from the Pathfinders serials, was starring in City Beneath the Sea and its sequel, Secret Beneath the Sea.

Doctor Who[edit]

Perhaps Flood's best known work was in the BBC science fiction series Doctor Who as the voice of the robot companion Kamelion in two serials — The King's Demons and Planet of Fire as well as a brief scene in the regeneration serial The Caves of Androzani. Originally, the character was to have been featured more heavily in other serials but his scenes were edited out for timing reasons.

Other work[edit]

He portrayed Sir Richard Flashman in the BBC's popular 1971 television serial Tom Brown's Schooldays and was also in Bachelor Father. Flood also appeared in Steptoe and Son, Raffles, Two in Clover and Comedy Playhouse.[1]

His film credits included Smokescreen (1964), Patton (1970), and Frightmare (1974).


Flood died from a heart attack in 1989, 9 days shy of his 62nd birthday.


Toby Flood, the English international rugby union player, is Flood's grandson.


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