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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Giam.
At a Workers' Party rally at Bedok Stadium on 30 April 2011 during the 2011 general election

Gerald Giam Yean Song (simplified Chinese: 严燕松; traditional Chinese: 嚴燕松; pinyin: Yán Yàn Sōng, born 22 November 1977) was a Singaporean politician from the Workers' Party who is currently a Non-constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) of the 12th Parliament of Singapore.[1]

He was previously an editor of The Online Citizen, an anti-establishment alternative media.

Political career[edit]

Gerald first stepped into the political world in 2011 contesting as one of 5 members, of a Workers' Party team led by Eric Tan Heng Chong which included Png Eng Huat, Glenda Han Su May and Mohamed Fazli bin Talip, in the East Coast Group Representation Constituency (East Coast GRC). They contested against a team from the People's Action Party which was led by Minister Lim Swee Say together with Lee Yi Shyan, Lim Siang Keat Raymond, Modh Maliki bin Osman, and Tan Soon Neo Jessica. Although, the Workers' Party team fell short obtaining a credible 45.17% of the votes, they nevertheless were entitled to an NCMP position as third best loser in an election whereby less than 9 non-ruling party Members of Parliament (MPs) made it to parliament.

It was confirmed by Workers' Party on 13 May 2011 that Gerald from the team would be taking up the NCMP position. As a result of not being allowed to take up the NCMP seat, the WP GRC team leader and party veteran, Eric Tan quit the party.

With Gerald taking up the NCMP position together with Yee Jenn Jong, Workers' Party set a new record in the Singapore's post-independence political arena becoming the first non-ruling party to have 8 (6 MP[2] + 2 NCMP) seats in parliament.

In a 2013 debate on Ministerial Salary, Gerald led the WP MP team in rejecting the benchmark that a review committee headed by Mr Gerard Ee had recommended. He counterproposed using the MX9 Superscale salary grade for civil servants. However, in an embarrassing climb-down during the debate against Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean, he subsequently revealed he did not know what the MX9 Superscale grade was. He admitted, "'s impossible for me to have known what the MX9 is, that it's pegged to a certain wage level of senior civil servants."

After the 2015 General Elections, Gerard did not take up the NCMP seat at the 13th Parliament, leaving it to his other party colleagues who contested the GRC.



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