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Geraldine Arata
Born San Francisco
Known for Artist
Website Arata Fine Art Gallery

Geraldine Arata is an American classical artist, that paints a certain Carnival of Venice themes, classic Roman and Greek god mythology that are very detailed and colorful.

Early life[edit]

Geraldine Arata was born and raised in San Francisco, California. Arata was introduced to art and theater at an early age, as her mother was involved in the arts and had taken Arata to visit many different art galleries, museums and also to the children's opera.[1]

Geraldine Arata attended Notre Dame High School in 1969. She later attended Skyline College (1969–1970), City College (1971–1972) and obtained her associate degree from San Mateo Community College in (1972–1976) by attending night classes.[citation needed]


Salutations from Bacchus 24X36, Geraldine Arata

After graduating from San Francisco State, Arata explored different media and disciplines such as, ceramics, jewelry, and porcelain dolls. This lead her to open a business called "Village Crafters" in Castro Valley, that showcased local artists and craftsmen from the San Francisco area.[2]

Arata's artwork, such as "Madame La Rouge", "Columbina" and "Dottore Peste" all have a "Carnival of Venice" theme to their composition. Geraldine Arata had said "that she received a post card from her mother years ago; it said that she needed to visit the city of New Orleans". When Arata finally decided to go to New Orleans it was the carnival atmosphere that inspired her to paint the carnival theme. Soon after that visit she went to Venice, Italy where she painted the "Madame La Rouge," "Columbina" and "Dottore Peste". While visiting Venice, Italy with her husband John. Arata studied and was intrigued by Classical sculptures; this inspired a new theme which is based on the classic Roman and Greek gods.

Works published and exhibited[edit]

  • Best of America Oil Artists Volume II, featuring "Defiance" 2009 Kennedy Publishing[3]
  • Arata Fine Art Gallery, 450 Columbus Ave San Francisco.
  • Studio 831, 532 Royal Street New Orleans, LA
Featured in Best of America Oil Artists Vol II "Defiance" 2009 By Geraldine Arata

Arata Fine Art Gallery[edit]

Geraldine Arata also known as Geri Arata Pruett and John Pruett opened a fine arts gallery November 27, 2009 in San Francisco's Little Italy section, located on Columbus Avenue. The artists that are represented at the Arata Fine Art Gallery are graduates from the Art Academy and artists that hold themselves to the high standards of Representational Fine Art.[4] The Arata Fine Art Gallery presented Geraldine's recent paintings that revolved around the myths and legend of the Greco-Roman world "invoking the Gods." Each month a new theme is presented at the Gallery which introduces new creative artists.

Geraldine Arata demonstrated live how she paints the human face using oil paints using the Native American as her model. Located at Art Obsessions Gallery & Wine Bar in Historic Downtown Truckee, California. on May 26 and 27, 2012. Geraldine's latest series of paintings are called "Faces of the First People", which are of Native American warriors.[5]


  • The Portrait Society
  • Oil Painters of America
  • Livermore Art Association


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