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The Geraldine Fibbers were an alt-country band founded in 1994 by Carla Bozulich. Initially, band members included Bozulich, Daniel Keenan, Julie Fowells, William Tutton and Kevin Fitzgerald.[1] While Bozulich had previously been known for noisy industrial music, The Geraldine Fibbers fused American roots music and blues-influenced punk.[1]

In early 1996, Keenan and Greene departed, to be replaced by Nels Cline, the band shifting to a more guitar-rock sound.[1]

The band later featured Jessica Moss, Jessy Greene and finally Leyna Marika P. on violin.

Moss joined A Silver Mt. Zion in 2001. The Nels Cline Singers and an enormously diverse biography surround Nels Cline. In 2004 he joined the alternative band, Wilco. Fitzgerald has played with Eleni Mandell, The Circle Jerks and others. William Tutton has played with Brian Grillo, plays with Glenn Meadmore and does occasional recording for friends. Bozulich is making her 4th album for her group, Evangelista on Constellation Records. The members of the previous 3 Evangelista albums have featured Montreal artists from Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Thee Silver Mt. Zion (feat. Jessica Moss of The Geraldine Fibbers), Shahzad Ismaily, Ches Smith, Lisa Gamble and ex-Fibber, Nels Cline, among many more.



6 Songs recorded at Poop Alley that got the band signed to Virgin. 3 of the songs were covers.


  • "Marmalade/Get Thee Gone (Live)" – 7" (1994, Hut/Virgin)
  • "Dragon Lady" – CDS (1995, Hut/Virgin)
  • "Dragon Lady/Birthday Boy" – 7" (1995, Sympathy For The Record Industry)
  • "Fancy/They Suck" – 7" (1995, Big Jesus)
  • "Marmalade" – Promo CDS (1995, Virgin)
  • "House Is Falling (Remix)" – Promo CDS (1995, Virgin)
  • "California Tuffy" – Promo CDS (1997, Virgin) – 2 different versions exist
  • "California Tuffy/Folks Like Me" – Promo 7" (1997, Virgin)

'*"Din Din goes to space (Live)" – 7" (1994, Hut/Philippines)'

Albums & EPs[edit]

  • "Get Thee Gone" – 10" EP (1994, Sympathy For The Record Industry)
  • "The Geraldine Fibbers" – CDEP (1994, Hut)
  • "The Geraldine Fibbers" – Promo CDEP (1995, Virgin) – it doesn't have an actual title, sometimes you can see it listed as "G Fibbers" or "Bitter Honey"
  • "Lost Somewhere Between the Earth and My Home" – CD (1995, Virgin)
  • "Live From the Bottom of the Hill" – Promo CD (1996, Virgin)
  • "Butch" – CD (1997, Virgin)
  • "Butch" – 2xLP (1997, Sympathy For The Record Industry)
  • "What Part of Get Thee Gone Don't You Understand?" – CD (1997, Sympathy For The Record Industry)


  • "The Poop Alley Tapes" – track "He Stopped Loving Her Today" (1995, WIN Records)
  • "Beat 10–95" – track "Get Thee Gone" (1995, ?)
  • "All Over Me OST" – track "Dragon Lady" (1997, TVT)
  • "Alright, This Time Just The Girls" – edited version of "Toybox" (1999, Kill Rock Stars)
  • "Drinking From Puddles: A Radio History" – live version of "Butch" (1999, Kill Rock Stars)
  • "Jackson's Jukebox" – track "Butch" (2000, Kill Rock Stars)
  • "Root Damage" – track "She's a Dog" (2003, Sympathy For The Record Industry)


  • "Dragon Lady"
  • "California Tuffy"


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