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Geraneia is located in Greece
Highest point
Elevation1,351 m (4,432 ft) [1]
Coordinates38°01′16″N 23°08′07″E / 38.021°N 23.1352°E / 38.021; 23.1352Coordinates: 38°01′16″N 23°08′07″E / 38.021°N 23.1352°E / 38.021; 23.1352
Length30 km (19 mi) north to south
Width10 km (6.2 mi) east to west
Regional unitCorinthia and West Attica

Mount Geraneia (Greek: Γεράνεια) is a mountain range in Corinthia and West Attica, Greece. Its highest point is the peak Makryplagi (Greek: Μακρυπλάγι), elevation 1,351 m.[1] It covers the northern part of the isthmus between the Gulf of Corinth and the Saronic Gulf. It spans 5–10 km from north to south and 30 km from east to west.

The geography of Geraneia includes forests in the south, the west and the northern part at an elevation of under 900 to 1,000 m. Barren land is in the central part. The grasslands and some bushes lies to the northwest. Farmlands and some barren land lies to the south.

The name of the mountain dates back to ancient times. During the Peloponnesian War, the Corinthians and their allies occupied the heights of Geraneia and marched to Megara with a large force.

Mount Geraneia's wolf pack is the southernmost in Greece, possibly in Europe, too.[2]

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