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Gerard B. Wegemer is a professor at the University of Dallas and the Director for The Center for Thomas More Studies. He has published many articles and books on Thomas More and is a member of the Board of Editors for Moreana, the international journal on Thomas More and his times. He has graduate degrees in political philosophy and Renaissance literature from the University of Notre Dame, Georgetown University, and Boston College. For the past several years, he has been engaged in editing a paperback series of More's most popular works, and published a monograph on Young Thomas More and the Arts of Liberty (2011), which builds upon his earlier work in Thomas More on Statesmanship (1996) and Thomas More: A Portrait of Courage (1995). Forthcoming this Fall is a book Wegemer has co-edited on Thomas More's Trial by Jury: A Procedural and Legal Review with a Collection of Documents (2011). He is deemed "one of the pre-eminent scholars on St. Thomas More."[1]

Through years of developing the website of the Center for Thomas More Studies, Wegemer has greatly advanced the field of More scholarship by making available hundreds of primary source documents by More and his associates, in addition to indexed concordances of his works, analyses of the Latin writings, curriculum units for teaching More, annotated editions for the classroom, and a compendious collection of More criticism. The site also houses ten volumes of the online Journal Thomas More Studies.[2]

In 2005, Wegemer was honored with the "Dignitatis Humanae Award," presented annually by the University of St. Thomas School of Law "to an individual whose professional career is a model of the integration of faith and ethics into professional identity."[1]

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