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Gerard de Camville (died around 1215) was an English nobleman, judge, and supporter of King John.

His father was Richard de Camville, a baron and administrator under Kings Stephen and Henry II. The name Camville occurs in the Battle Abbey Roll.

Gerard married Nicholaa, daughter of Richard de Haia, in 1185; this was her second marriage.[1] By this marriage he acquired estates in Normandy and Lincolnshire, the wardship of Lincoln Castle and perhaps the shrievalty of Lincolnshire. The titles were confirmed by a charter from King Richard in 1189.[2]

During King Richard's absence from England, de Camville became a decided adherent of John. As a result, in 1191 William Longchamp removed him from the shrievalty, and attempted to take Lincoln Castle. The castle was stoutly defended by Nicholaa, Camville himself being with John until the fall of Nottingham and Tickhill compelled Longchamp to raise the siege. Camville was excommunicated the same year.

On the king's return to England in 1194 Camville was deprived of the castellanship of Lincoln Castle and was arraigned by Longchamp at Nottingham on a charge of harbouring robbers and treating the king's writ with contempt.[3] His estates were forfeit, but he recovered them on payment of a fine of 2,000 marks.

On the accession of John, Camville was reappointed castellan of Lincoln Castle and sheriff of the county and purchased from the king for 1,000 marks the lands of Thomas de Verdun and liberty to marry Thomas's widow to his son Richard (see below). He was present at Lincoln in 1200 when John received the homage of William of Scotland. Yet he was dismissed as sheriff in 1203 "for inefficiency."[4]

In 1205 he was employed in measuring the marsh between Spalding and Tid in Lincolnshire. In 1209-9 he acted as an itinerant justice for Cambridgeshire. He was in attendance on the king in Ireland in 1210. Camville appears to have died in 1215. His wife survived him and died in 1230.


The couple had at least four children:

Richard de Camville married Eustache daughter of Gilbert Basset. He was survived by a daughter, Idoine, eventual heiress of the :Camville and de la Haye lands.
Thomas de Camville died without heirs.
Maud (the marriage right was purchased by her mother for 100 marks in 1199)
Nichole (also called Amabila) married Oliver de Aincurt/Aincourt.

Thomas de Camville is said to have been a son of a third son of Gerard, called William.

Family tree I[edit]

    Richard de Camville of Warwickshire, c.1110-bef.1176.
    |                       |                     |                 |                         |                 |
    |                       |                     |                 |                         |                 | 
    Gerard, c. 1132-1214.   Richard, c.1135-91.   Maud, c. 1138-    William, c. 1142-c.1208   Roger, c. 1145-   Walter, c. 1148.
   =Nicholaa de la Haye    =Millicent of Rethel  =William de Ros   =Albreda Marmion                            =?
    |                       |                                       |                                           |
    |                       |                                       |                                           | 
    Richard, c. 1178-1226.  Isabel, c.1153-aft 1212.                Geoffrey, c.1182                            Maud, c. 1173.
   =Eustacia Basset        =Robert de Harcourt                     =Felicia                                    =Thomas de Astley
    |                                                               |
    |                                                               |
    Idoine, c. 1210-1252                                            Felicia, c. 1220
   =William II Longespee                                           =Philip Durvassal

Family Tree II[edit]

    Gerard de Camville of Bosworth, 1085-1140.
   =de Vere
    Richard, 1110-1176.
  =(1) Milicent de Rethel                                                                   =(2) Alice
    |                                                                                         |
    |____________________________________________________________                       ______|___________________________________
    |              |                          |                 |                       |                      |                 |
    |              |                          |                 |                       |                      |                 |
    Roger, b.1136  Walter, 1138-after 1167.   Maud, born 1140.  Richard, 1142-1191.  Gerard, 1147-1214   William, d.1209.  Isabel, b. 1153.
                                                                                       =Nichole de la Haye         
                                                                                        Richard, 1180-1226. 
                                                                                       =Eustache Basset
                                                                                        Idoine, c. 1210-52.
                                                                                        William II Longespee


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