Gerard of Potenza

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Saint Gerard of Potenza, also Gerard La Porta (Italian: Gerardo di Potenza, Gerardo La Porta) (d. 30 October 1119) was a Roman Catholic saint and a bishop of Potenza in Italy.


Gerard was born in Piacenza into a noble family. He travelled into southern Italy in search of holy sites, but when he reached Potenza he decided to dedicate himself to the apostolic life. Such was his drive that when the bishop died, the people and clergy chose Gerard as his successor. He was proclaimed bishop at Acerenza and was in post for eight years.

After Gerard's death Pope Callixtus II declared him a saint viva voce in 1119. His relics are kept in a sarcophagus in Potenza Cathedral, which is dedicated to him.


Saint Gerard's principal feast day is 30 May, the day of the translation of his relics, but 30 October, the day of his death, is also kept.

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