Gerasimos Vokos

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Gerasimos Vokos
Born 1868
Patras, Greece
Died 1927
Paris, France
Occupation Writer

Gerasimos Vokos (Greek: Γεράσιμος Βώκος, 1868–1927) was a Greek writer. He was a journalist from the Hydriot family of Vokos. He was born in Patras in 1868 and died in Paris, France in 1928.

He began his studies as a journalist with a greater summon as a chronographer and an article writer at the readingly Athenian newspapers of that time. He continued as a writer in several pages and published several books with various compromises. Remarkable except for the O Kyrios Proedros (Ο Κύριος Πρόεδρος = The Master President) (novel 1893), To 21 (Το 21) (1901, theatrical work), I Megali idea (Η Μεγάλη ιδέα = A Great Idea) (theatrical work – 1901), I katohi (Η κατοχή) (historic – 1905), Ellinikai Symfoniai (Ελληνικαί Συμφωνίαι = Greek Symphony) 1916, Diigimata (Διηγήματα) (1923), Ektopismenos (Εκτοπισμένος = Displacement) (1923), etc.

Vokos ran several stuff and published two philological periodicals with the title To periodiko mas (Το περιοδικό μας = Our Periodical) (1900) and Kallitechnis (Καλλιτέχνης = Artists) (Athens 1910–1912). In his final years, he moved to Paris and published in writing. His thinking was that inspired several from the Greek nature (especially the Pelio), mainly from the Parisian life remarkable in that Ta koritsia sto dasos tis Voulonis (Τα κορίτσια στο δάσος της Βουλώνης = The Girl From A Forest Near Boulogne), Mia chira polemu se parko (Μια χήρα πολέμου σε πάρκο), etc.

Generally, his works were awarded, in harmony.


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