Gerda malaperis!

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Gerda malaperis! (English: Gerda Disappeared!) is a novel written in Esperanto by Claude Piron of Switzerland. It is one of the most famous stories in Esperanto literature.

In the novel, dialogue begins simply and progresses in difficulty using everyday vocabulary (with word-lists available in various languages). It is suitable for beginners trying to improve their grasp of the Esperanto language, and includes rehearsal of basic grammar and an entertaining story.

The mystery begins when three college students witness the strange disappearance of Gerda, a woman who is an expert in 'cryptic languages'.

Published as a book, Gerda malaperis! has since been incorporated into electronic courseware. A movie is available on DVD.


  • Gerda being an expert in 'cryptic languages' is a possible reference to Esperanto's relative obscurity.

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