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The Gerdau near Groß Süstedt
Location Counties of Celle and Uelzen; Lower Saxony (Germany)
Reference no. DE: 5942
Basin features
Main source In the Lüneburg Heath between Faßberg and Eimke
ca. 70 m above sea level (NHN)
52°56′31″N 10°14′22″E / 52.9420139°N 10.239306°E / 52.9420139; 10.239306Coordinates: 52°56′31″N 10°14′22″E / 52.9420139°N 10.239306°E / 52.9420139; 10.239306
River mouth Confluence: Near Veerßen (Uelzen) with the Stederau to become the Ilmenau
ca. 35 m above sea level (NHN)
52°56′52″N 10°33′13″E / 52.947639°N 10.5536806°E / 52.947639; 10.5536806
Progression Ilmenau → Elbe → North Sea
River system Elbe
Basin size 427.74 km² [1]
Physical characteristics
Length 29.71 km [1]

Hydrologically the main headstream of the Ilmenau
Brambostel Moor, the source region of the Gerdau

The Gerdau is a 30 km long, left (western) source river for the Ilmenau in the north German state of Lower Saxony.

The river rises in the eastern part of the Lüneburg Heath on the northeastern edge of the Südheide Nature Park. From its source, which is located in the Brambostel Moor Nature Reserve,[2] north of the 94 m high Faßberg, the Gerdau flows by the villages of Eimke and Gerdau towards Uelzen. South of Uelzen it merges with the Stederau to form the Ilmenau.


  • Lindener Graben
  • Ellendorfer Graben
  • Wichtenbeker Graben


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