Gerhard C. Kallevig

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Gerhard Charles Kallevig
Born (1880-07-27)27 July 1880
Died 9 August 1964(1964-08-09) (aged 84)
Nationality Norwegian
Occupation Businessman
  • Automobil-Compagniet
  • Aurora Auto Co.

Gerhard Charles Kallevig (27 July 1880 – 9 August 1964) was a Norwegian businessman in transport and insurance.

Personal life[edit]

He was born in Kristiania as a son of director August Kallevig (1851–1924) and Wenche von der Lippe Mowinckel (1857–1939).[1] He was a brother of Arthur and Waldemar Kallevig. On the maternal side he was a great-grandson of Bishop Jacob von der Lippe and a first cousin once removed of Gerhard Gran.[2] His sister Kirsten Antoinette married Christian Wisbech,[3] and his niece Amélie married Nils Ramm.[4] Gerhard Kallevig was himself married to Vera Tschudi, a daughter of Anton Tschudi.[1]


Gerhard C. Kallevig took commercial education in London and Hamburg, stayed in Fredrikstad and Northern Sweden[5] and also worked in Germany for one year before starting his own trade firm in 1900.[6] The firm traded in wine and timber, and sold marine insurance.[5] He was a business partner with J. Mølbach-Thellefsen from 1906 to 1907.[6] He then started the companies Automobil-Compagniet in 1908 and Aurora Auto Co. in 1911, and was a pioneer in establishing bus routes in Norway.[1] He established the routes OsloHønefoss, FagernesLærdal, StalheimVossEide and ElverumTrysil. He was reportedly the fifteenth person to get a driver's license in Norway, and the first to cross the Dovrefjell mountain range by car.[5]

He sold Aurora in 1931.[6] In 1911 he also established the insurance company Forsikringsselskabet Viking, and worked as chief executive officer.[1] In 1926 the company acquired Norsk Reassuranceselskab and Forsikringsselskapet Minerva, and Kallevig later bought a majority in Kredittinstituttet. In 1956 he retired as chief executive of Viking. He continued as chairman of the supervisory council until 1961.[5]

He was a founding member of the gentlemen's skiing club SK Fram in 1889, of which he received lifetime membership in 1961.[7] He was also a member of the exclusive Det Norske Selskab and Christiania Jægerklub av 1873 clubs. He died on 9 August 1964.[5]


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