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This article is about the publisher. For the mathematician, see Gerhard Frey.
Gerhard Frey in 2009

Gerhard Michael Frey (18 February 1933 – 19 February 2013) was a German publisher, businessman and politician. He was the chairman and main financial backer of the right-wing party Deutsche Volksunion, which he founded in 1971. He resigned as chairman in January 2009.[1]

Gerhard Frey was born in 1933 in Cham. He was married to Regine Frey, with whom he has four children.[1][2] His daughter Michaela (born 1965) is an attorney, his son Gerhard Jr. (born 1969) is a lawyer. Frey died 2013 at age 80 in Gräfelfing near Munich.[3]


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