Gerhard II, Count of Holstein-Plön

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Gerhard II, Count of Holstein-Plön
Seal Gerhard II. (Holstein-Plön) 01.jpg
Seal used by Gerhard between 1274 and 1311
Spouse(s) Ingeborg of Sweden
Agnes of Brandenburg
by Ingeborg:
Gerhard IV
Valdemar, Count of Holstein-Schauenburg
Elizabeth, Duchess of Pomerania
by Agnes:
John III
Noble family House of Schauenburg
Father Gerhard I, Count of Holstein-Itzehoe
Mother Elisabeth of Mecklenburg
Born 1254
Died 28 October 1312(1312-10-28)

Gerhard II of Holstein-Plön (1254 - 28 October 1312), nicknamed the Blind, was Count of Holstein-Plön from 1290 to 1312.


He was the second son of Gerhard I, Count of Holstein-Itzehoe and Elisabeth of Mecklenburg.

After his father's death in 1290, the county was divided among the surviving sons. Gerhard II received Holstein-Plön; his younger brother Adolph VI received Holstein-Schauenburg and Henry received Holstein-Rendsburg.


The seal reads


"Seal of Count Gerhard of Hostein and Schauenburg"

Marriages and issue[edit]

He married on 12 December 1275 the Swedish Princess Ingeborg (born: c. 1262; died: c. 1293), a daughter of King Valdemar of Sweden. They had four children:

  • Catherine (c. 1276 - before 1300)
  • Gerhard IV (1277-1312), Count of Holstein-Plön
  • Valdemar (c. 1279 - 29 July 1306), Count of Holstein-Schauenburg, died after the Second Battle of Uetersen
  • Elizabeth (c. 1282 - 20 July 1318 or 1319), married Otto I, Duke of Pomerania

In 1293 Gerhard married Agnes of Brandenburg, the widow of King Eric V of Denmark. With her, he had a son:

  • John III (c. 1297 - 27 September 1359), Count of Holstein in Kiel from 1312 until his death.



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Gerhard II, Count of Holstein-Plön
Born: 1254 Died: 28 October 1312
Preceded by
Gerhard I
as Count of Holstein-Itzehoe
Count of Holstein-Plön
Succeeded by
Gerhard IV and
John III