Gerhard VI, Count of Oldenburg

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Gerhard VI "the Quarrelsome"
Count of Oldenburg
Blason Gérard VI (1430-1500), comte d'Oldenbourg et de Delmenhorst.svg
Coat of arms of Gerhard VI
Died22 February 1500 (aged 69–70)
Noble familyHouse of Oldenburg
Spouse(s)Adelheid of Tecklenburg
Gerhard of Oldenburg
Dietrich of Oldenburg
Adolph, Count of Oldenburg-Delmenhorst
Christian of Oldenburg
John V, Count of Oldenburg
Otto of Oldenburg
Elisabeth of Oldenburg
Anna of Oldenburg
Irmgard von Esens, Countess of Harlingerland
Hedwig of Oldenburg
Adelheid of Oldenburg
FatherDietrich of Oldenburg
MotherHelvig of Schauenburg

Gerhard VI "the Quarrelsome", Count of Oldenburg (German: Gerhard (Gerd) der Mutige von Oldenburg; 1430 – 22 February 1500) was a Count of Oldenburg and regent of Bad Zwischenahn in 1440–1482.

Gerhard was the third son of Dietrich of Oldenburg and his wife, Helvig of Schauenburg. His eldest brother succeeded their father as Christian VII but was elected King Christian I of Denmark in 1448, therefore passing on the county to his brothers in 1450. In 1440–1463 Gerhard VI ruled in Delmenhorst as regent and in 1464–1482 (after the death of his brother Maurice) as the guardian of his nephew Jakob. He was constantly at war with Gerhard III, Prince-Archbishop of Bremen, and Frisians. In 1483 Gerhard was compelled to abdicate in favor of his sons, and he died whilst on a pilgrimage in the Rhône valley.

Family and children[edit]

In 1453 he married with Adelheid of Tecklenburg (c. 1435 – 2 March 1477), daughter of Otto VII, Count of Tecklenburg. They had eleven children:



Gerhard VI, Count of Oldenburg
Born: 1430 Died: 22 February 1500
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Christian VII
Count of Oldenburg
Succeeded by