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Gerhard Wahrig (10 May 1923 in Burgstädt, Saxony – 2 September 1978 in Wiesbaden) was a German linguist, esp. lexicographer.[1] He also worked on semantics and grammar.

His main work is the Deutsches Wörterbuch (German Dictionary, also referred to as Der Wahrig, 1st edition in 1966), which is still published today.


  1. ^ Zgusta, Ladislav (1974). "Syntagms, transformations, and lexicography". Semiotica. 12 (4): 307–314. ISSN 0037-1998. The fundamental viewpoint of Gerhard Wahrig, an experienced and successful German lexicographer and author of publications devoted to the tasks just mentioned, is that lexical units (words) should be studied, analyzed, and described not in isolation but in syntagms.