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Gerhart may refer to:

As a given name[edit]

  • Gerhart Baum (born 1932), German politician and former Federal Minister of the Interior
  • Gerhart Eisler (1897-1968), German communist politician
  • Gerhart Friedlander (1916–2009), nuclear chemist who worked on the Manhattan Project
  • Gerhart Hauptmann (1882–1946), German dramatist and Nobel Prize winner
  • Gerhart Jander (1892–1961), German inorganic chemist
  • Gerhart Lüders (1920–1995), German theoretical physicist
  • Gerhart M. Riegner (1911-2001), sender of the Riegner Telegram (the first official communication of the planned Holocaust) and secretary-general of the World Jewish Congress
  • Gerhart Schirmer (1913-2004), highly decorated German soldier of World War II

As a surname[edit]

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