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Germán Magariños (born 13 May 1978) is an Argentine film director, film producer, screenwriter, bassist and sometimes actor.


All of his movies are extremely low-budget violent productions considered gore horror comedies or splatterpunk, being Ed Wood and Lloyd Kaufman his main influences. [1]

He gain notoriety being one of the very few (4-5?) directors that make his kind of movies in Argentina, giving him the chance to get his last three movies to the cinemas and the Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre film festival.[2] His movies have also been covered by many websites and magazines all over the world. Goreinvasion can be bought in the USA and Spain. Cannabis Holocaust: Mutant Hell and Sadomaster can be bought in the USA.[3]

In 2005 his movie Goreinvasion won the Dogpile award given by Troma Films.[4] "Sadomaster" was released worldwide in 2006 by SRS Cinema and is available in sites like netflix and[5] In 2008 he directed "Un Cazador de Zombis".[6] Magariños is founder and owner of the production company Gorevision films.[7]

Music career[edit]

He is also a heavy metal musician, he is the bassist of argeninian heavy metal band "Velocidad 22". [8]


  • Devil (2011)
  • Sadomaster 2: Locura General (2010) -In production
  • Alan Smithee's Nosferatu (2009)
  • Fin de semana en lo de Cicuta (2009)
  • Un Cazador de Zombis (2008)
  • Sadomaster (2005) Distributed in USA by SRS Cinema
  • Goreinvasión (2004)
  • Vio la luna... y compró un cementerio (2003)
  • La Sangre de Frankenstein (aka LSD Frankenstein) (2002)
  • Holocausto Cannabis - USA title: Cannabis Holocaust: Mutant Hell (2001)


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