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Coordinates: 54°14′06″N 4°36′25″W / 54.235°N 4.607°W / 54.235; -4.607

Parish of German
Manx: Skeerey Charmane

German (Manx: Carmane) is one of the seventeen parishes of the Isle of Man.

It is located on the west of the island (part of the traditional North Side division) in the sheading of Glenfaba.

Administratively, part of the historic parish of German is now covered by part of the town of Peel.

Other settlements in the parish include St John's (home of the Tynwald Day ceremony).

Local government[edit]

For the purposes of local government, The majority of the historic parish forms a single parish district with Commissioners.

Since 1884, an area in the west of the historic parish of German has been part of the separate town of Peel, with its own town Commissioners.

The Captain of the Parish (since 2015) is Allen Charles Corlett.[1]


German parish is part of the Glenfaba & Peel constituency, which elects two Members to the House of Keys. Before 2016 the majority of the historic parish was in the Glenfaba constituency, and from 1867 until 2016 Peel formed its own constituency.


It is a mainly hilly area, apart from a small coastal plain near Peel.


The Isle of Man census of 2016 returned a parish population of 966, a decrease of 6% from the figure of 1,024 in 2011.[2] 4.3% of the population were able to speak Manx Gaelic at the time of the 2011 census.[citation needed] This compares to 3.2% in 1875.[citation needed]


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