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Pennant of the German Air Sports Association

The German Air Sports Association (Deutscher Luftsportverband, or DLV e. V.) was an organisation set up by the Nazi Party in March 1933 to establish a uniform basis for the training of military pilots. Its chairman was Hermann Göring and its vice-chairman Ernst Röhm.


Since the Treaty of Versailles officially forbade Germany from building fighter planes of any sort, the German Air Sports Association used gliders to train men still officially civilians for the future Luftwaffe.[1] The first steps towards the Luftwaffe's formation were undertaken just months after Adolf Hitler came to power. Hermann Göring, a World War I ace with 22 victories and the holder of the Orden Pour le Mérite, became National Kommissar for aviation with former Deutsche Luft Hansa director Erhard Milch as his deputy. On 25 March 1933 the German Air Sports Association absorbed all private and national organizations, whilst retaining its 'sports' title. In April 1933 the Reichsluftfahrtministerium (RLM – Reich Air Ministry) was established. The RLM was in charge of development and production of aircraft, and soon afterwards the test site or Erprobungsstelle at Rechlin became its testing ground, a military airfield that had been first established in August 1918. Göring's control over all aspects of aviation became absolute.

The German Air Sports Association was dissolved in 1937 and replaced with the National Socialist Flyers Corps, a corporation under public law and subordinate to Reichsluftfahrtminister Göring.


Insignia DVL Rank[2] Translation Luftwaffe equivalent
Collar Shoulder
Luftwaffe collar tabs General der Flieger 3D.svg Minister Minister General
Wehrmacht Lw -Generalleutnant 1945collar.svg Fliegerchef Aviator Chief Generalleutnant
Luftwaffe collar tabs Generalmajor 3D.svg Fliegevizechef Vice Aviator Chief Generalmajor
Luftwaffe collar tabs Oberst 3D.svg RLB-Oberstluftschutzführer-shoulder.svg Kommodore Commodore Oberst
Luftwaffe collar tabs Oberstleutnant 3D.svg RLB-Oberststabsluftschutzführer-shoulder.svg Vizekommodore Vice Commodore Oberstleutnant
Luftwaffe collar tabs Major 3D.svg RLB-Stabsluftschutzführer-shoulder.svg Kommandant Commandant Major
Luftwaffe collar tabs Hauptmann 3D.svg Kapitän Captain Hauptmann
Luftwaffe collar tabs Oberleutnant 3D.svg Schwarmführer Flight Leader Oberleutnant
Luftwaffe collar tabs Leutnant 3D.svg Kettenführer Chain Leader Leutnant
Luftwaffe collar tabs Stabsfeldwebel 3D.svg WMacht Lw OR4-1 Mannschaften h 1935-1945.svg Oberflugmeister Senior Flight Master Oberfeldwebel
Luftwaffe collar tabs Feldwebel 3D.svg Flugmeister Flight Master Feldwebel
Luftwaffe collar tabs Unterfeldwebel 3D.svg Unterflugmeister Sub Flight Master Unterfeldwebel
Luftwaffe collar tabs Unteroffizier 3D.svg Oberfliegerführer Senior Troop Leader Unteroffizier
Luftwaffe collar tabs Stabsgefreiter 3D.svg Fliegerführer Troop Leader Hauptgefreiter
Luftwaffe collar tabs Obergefreiter 3D 2.svg Hiltsfliegerführer Assistant Troop Leader Obergefreiter
Luftwaffe collar tabs Gefreiter 3D.svg Oberflieger Senior Trooper Gefreiter
Luftwaffe collar tabs Flieger 3D.svg Flieger Trooper Flieger

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