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German American Conference at Harvard 2015

The German American Conference at Harvard (GAC) is a student-led conference organized on a yearly basis since 2008.[1] The conference brings together American and German leaders from business, politics, and academia with students.[2][3] By building a community of aspiring and established leaders in the United States and Germany, the conference aims at bettering transatlantic relations.[4]
According to the German newspaper Handelsblatt the German American conference has developed into an important "transatlantic summit".[5]

Until 2014 the conference was called German Conference at Harvard.[6]

List of Conferences[7][edit]

Year Subtitle Dates
2008 Germany in the Modern World 12 April
2009 Division and Unity 19-20 February
2010 Addressing Global Challenges: Directions for a New Decade 19-20 February
2011 Future 18-19 February
2012 Decidedly Indecisive? The German Angst of Leadership 17-18 February
2013 The End of the West as we Know It? 15-16 February
2014 The US and Germany: Drifting Apart? 14-15 February
2015 Germany and the U.S.: Building Our Future 30-31 October
2017 Connecting Future Generations 7-9 April
2018 In Our Own Hands 5-7 October
2019 Breaking Barriers 1-3 November

There was no conference in 2016 because the conference date was moved from fall 2016 to spring 2017.

Innovation Lounge[edit]

Since 2015 the German American Conference at Harvard features an Innovation Lounge. Participants are given the chance to interact with Startups, Think Tanks and industry leaders from both sides of the Atlantic. The German business weekly WirtschaftsWoche has described this Innovation Lounge as a "Schlaraffenland" for startups.

Former Speakers[edit]



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