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The German American Conference at Harvard is a student-led conference organized on a yearly basis.[1] The conference brings together American and German leaders from business, politics, and academia with students.[2][3] By building a community of aspiring and established leaders in the United States and Germany, the conference aims at bettering transatlantic relations.[4]
According to the German newspaper Handelsblatt the German American conference has developed into an important "transatlantic summit".[5]

Until 2014 the conference was called German Conference at Harvard.[6]


The 8th German American Conference at Harvard took place on October 30 and 31, 2015 at Harvard Memorial Church. About 1,000 people attended the conference.[7]

Innovation Lounge[edit]

The German American Conference at Harvard 2015 featured an Innovation Lounge. Startups and industry leaders from both sides of the Atlantic showcased in a 12,000 square feet Innovation Lounge. [8] The German business weekly WirtschaftsWoche described this Innovation Lounge as a "Schlaraffenland" for startups.

Speakers 2015[edit]


Organizing Committee[edit]

The German American Conference at Harvard is a student-led conference. In 2015 the conference was organized by a team gathered around four co-chairs: Julia von Cube, Bernhard Guerich, Noshad Irshad and Frederic Rupprecht.[10] The German American Conference in April 2017 is chaired by Rachel Seavey, Sophie Weihmann, Fabian Baldauf, Greg Dobak and Tim Enke.[11]

Former Speakers[edit]