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The German Masters is an annual bonspiel, or curling tournament, that takes place at the Curling Club Hamburg in Hamburg, Germany. The tournament is a round-robin format. The tournament was started in 2012 as part of the World Curling Tour.

Past champions[edit]

Only skip's name is displayed.

Year Winning team Runner up team Purse (EUR)
2012 United States Tyler George Germany Wolfgang Burba 15,000
2013 Scotland David Murdoch Denmark Rasmus Stjerne 15,000
2014 Switzerland Sven Michel Switzerland Peter de Cruz 15,000
2015 Canada Brendan Bottcher Switzerland Sven Michel 15,000
2016 Scotland David Murdoch South Korea Kim Soo-hyuk 15,000
2017[1] Norway Steffen Walstad Scotland Kyle Smith 17,500
2018 Switzerland Marc Pfister Scotland Kyle Smith 17,500


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