Currency of Germany

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This is a list of current and historical currency of Germany. The sole currency of Germany has been the Euro since 2002.


Currency Area Date created Date abolished
Euro Federal Republic of Germany 1999 n/a
Deutsche Mark West Germany
(unified Germany)
1948 (West Germany)
1990 (East Germany)
East German mark East Germany 1948 1990
Saar franc Saarland 1947 1959
Saar mark Saarland 1947 1947
Reichsmark German Reich (Weimar Republic)
Greater German Reich (Nazi Germany)
German Realm (Allied-occupied Germany)
1924 1948
German Rentenmark German Reich (Weimar Republic) 1923 1924
German Papiermark German Empire
German Reich (Weimar Republic)
1914 1923
German gold mark German Empire 1873 1914
Vereinsthaler North German states 1857 1873
South German gulden South German states 1754 1873
Bremen thaler Bremen ? 1873
Hamburg mark Hamburg ? 1873