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List of former German colonies

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This is a list of former German colonies owned by states of Germany:

Holy Roman Empire and German Confederation[edit]


Duchy of Courland[edit]

Free City of Augsburg[edit]

County of Hanau[edit]

House of Ascania[edit]

Habsburg Monarchy[edit]

These were colonies of the Habsburg monarchy, part of the Holy Roman Empire of German Nation realm until 1804, German Confederation from 1815 to 1848 and from 1850 to 1866.

German Empire[edit]


German colonies in Africa, 1914

The following were German African protectorates:


These treaty ports were German concessions in China, leased to it by the Qing dynasty:


Map of German colonies in the Pacific
Map of German Colonies in the Pacific, 1914. Brown, German New Guinea; Orange, North Solomons; Red, German Samoa; Yellow, Other Pacific Territories

These were German colonies established in the Pacific:

Nazi Germany[edit]

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