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German colonies throughout history:
  German Empire
  Colonies of the German Empire
  Prussian-Brandenburg colonies
  "Little Venice"

This is a list of former German colonies and protectorates (German: Schutzgebiete) outside of the European borders of Prussia and the German Empire.

Brandenburg-Prussian colonies[edit]

These were colonies unsuccessfully settled by Brandenburg-Prussia (part of the Holy Roman Empire realm), since 1701 Kingdom of Prussia, before the foundation of the German Empire in 1871.


North America[edit]

These territories were held briefly under lease or occupation during the early European colonizations of the New World.

Habsburg colonies[edit]

These were colonies of the Habsburg Monarchy (part of the Holy Roman Empire of German Nation realm), since 1804 Austrian Empire, since 1867 Austria-Hungary.

German imperial colonies[edit]

These are colonies settled by and controlled by the German Empire from 1884 to 1919. Those territories constituted the German Colonial Empire.


The following were German African protectorates:

German colonies in Africa, 1884-1920


These were German colonies in the Pacific:

German colonies in southern Pacific: Kaiserwilhelmsland and the Bismarck Archipelago (Solomon Islands, Marshall Islands, Caroline Islands)

Colonial Possessions and Protectorates of the German Empire, 1883-1920, confirmed by Treaty, International Agreement, or Purchase


These Treaty ports were German concessions in China, leased to it by the Qing Dynasty.


  • The German Caribbean was colonised briefly in the nineteenth century.

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