German war crimes during the Battle of Moscow

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German war crimes during the Battle of Moscow

In the village of Ershovo in Moscow Oblast,100 Soviet civilians and captured soldiers were blown up in the village's church.[1]

In the village of Vysoko, Germans burned 70 civilians and 20 captured Soviet soldiers alive.[2]

In the village of Dubna, Germans hanged 42 civilians, in Prudnaja they burned 20 civilians alive and shot 50 civilians in the village of Kolodeznaja (Tula Oblast).[3]

In the village of Slobodino of Moscow Oblast, Germans raped and killed 15 Soviet women.[4]

In the village of Boljshoe in Tula Oblast, Germans burned 56 civilians and wounded Soviet soldiers alive.[5]

In the village of Chornaja Grjazj in Moscow Oblast, 30 civilians were shot and their bodies were hanged along the way. Two women were also raped and killed: Soloninkowa E. and Erohina K.[6]

During the retreat from Worjushino in Kalinin Oblast, Germans shot 26 civilians (10 among them were children).[7]

On December 20, 1941 in Volokolamsk, Germans burned 600 wounded Soviet soldiers alive.[8]