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Germania is the Roman name for the Barbaric region of Europe north of the Rhine and Danube, named after the Germanic tribes, and after which Germany is named.

Germania may also refer to:

Places and jurisdictions[edit]



  • Two Roman provinces west/south of the Rhine, in the diocese of Galliae :
    • Germania Superior, Upper Germania, a Roman province in western Switzerland, northeastern France, and south-western Germany
    • Germania Inferior, Lower Germania, a Roman province on the west bank of the Rhine in the modern Netherlands and western Germany
  • Germania in Dacia, a Roman city and former bishopric, now the Bulgarian town of Sapareva Banya and a Latin Catholic titular see


  • Germania (city) or Welthauptstadt Germania ("World Capital Germania"), the name Adolf Hitler gave to a projected rebuilding of Third Reich capital Berlin
  • Germania, Djursholm, a residential area and a former railway stop in Sweden


  • Germania in Numidia, an Ancient city and Roman bishopric, now in Algeria (Ksar-El-Kelb?) and a Latin Catholic titular see

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